Project Renegades

Bertrand Duchaufour

Eau de Toilette

100ml $210
0.7 ml
0.7 ml sample $5
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My favorite parfumeur is Bertrand Duchaufour and I always compare him to the Michel Angelo of the fragrance world. This is a masculine fragrance with just the right balance of woodsiness and freshness. I'm picturing John Travolta and the T-Birds from the movie "Grease" wearing this fragrance. Plenty of attitude! I might consider adding this one to my collection. It's fun! P.S. - I definitely would not blind buy this one due to it being somewhat complex. It's certainly not for everyone.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 7/3/2020
Come on Mr.Duchaufour! You had a chance to break free from conventional and the sad thing is we all know you are a skillful niche perfumer! In all honesty when I tried a sample of Renegades; I had the same feeling as if I was in Macy's fragrance shop surrounded by all these Versace, Polo, Acqua di gio craps! I really liked Mark Buxton and Geza Schön's contribution in Renegades project. They brought something new on the table. You must be kidding! I did not like this at all, sorry.
By   - Calligrapher from Seattle on 7/5/2019
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