Room 237

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To be clear: As a perfume Room 237 is awful. But as an olfactory story telling experience, it's AMAZING. The open is a blast of vaporous nail polish remover, sickly sweet and poisonous. A big waft of mildewed plastic barges in and stays for the rest of the trip. Next comes a hint of creamy soap and something minty and unpleasantly sweet- toothpaste? The acetone and mint meld into bug spray, and the scent fully opens into "old hotel room": Mildew, moldering carpet, insecticide. After about an hour the dry down hits: Hot sweaty skin. Metallic, meaty, plastic, gross. After about three hours it all fades to a vague moldy plastic that lingers in the background like a bad dream... Yikes.
By   - Writer from Portland on 12/25/2020
Well executed concept. Starts a bit creepy but not 'off', per se, gets creepier. By the end it reminds me of gak, that 90's green slime stuff.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
Opens with the sharp acetone smell of teenagers removing toe nail polish while sitting on vinyl furniture in the living room, moves quickly into old-formula Coppertone sprayed on sweaty skin, and settles into the oddly comforting embrace of an old, favorite, synthetic-fiber plush toy. I can't believe how much I love this. It smells like the antiseptic, riotous, freshly-poured plastic colors of a David LaChapelle photograph.
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 1/10/2018
Room 237-- I would HATE that room—smells of campfire, old pencils and maybe blood samples, plus possibly a used vacuum cleaner bag
By   - writer from Chicago on 3/6/2017
The most apt name for this perfume. It opens with an overwhelming granny floral, which disappointed me at first. However, much like the dead woman in room 237 it began to reveal its true form, a rubbery, synthetic musk that makes me think of sterile operating rooms, new vinyl car seats and light green surgical gowns. It is such a strange but gorgeous scent, so ethereal and dreamlike in an "I've always been here" kind of way.
By   - Student from Seattle on 5/2/2016
This blasts right out to confuse you! I have absolutely no idea what I am smelling…and I can’t stop smelling! That is, unfortunately, less than two hours later, when Room 237 fades into a distant horror movie memory. I personally don’t get vinyl, but perhaps there is a combination of floral, herbal and musk that projects that way? Something synthetically sanitary…that familiar new “something” smell? Hey, whatever it is, it works…just not long enough on me, thumbs up, but a pass.
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 12/31/2015
I usually hate clean, soapy fragrances, but this one is done so well and is so interesting and haunting. To me, Room 237 smells like the lingering trails of a vintage, spicy, oakmoss based perfume and a hint of old cosmetics powder in a bathroom that's full of hot shower steam, plastic shower curtains and a creamy white soap fragrance. It captures a complex place in time and I am completely fascinated by it.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/26/2015
If you remember the scene in question, you know there's a lot to fear from an olfactory interpretation of what's onscreen; a brief like this one's either goes very right or very, very, oh-yikes-need-shower-now wrong. And the first instant of the top note -- OH NO NOT CLOYING NOT FLORAL NOOOO! -- was truly terrifying, but in a moment it resolved to something far greener, deeper, chillier, and stranger. There are beautiful clean notes in here and notes that smell like it feels to sit under a fluorescent light with a bad flicker. This fragrance seems to shift around constantly, like passing through different spaces, and I honestly cannot stop sniffing it. Totally alien, totally amazing.
By   - from Seattle on 6/5/2015
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