Incense Flash

Eau de Parfum

Incense Flash Sizes Available:
30ml $63
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Incense Flash...
i love incense fragrances and have a few. i loved amber flash so was wondering if this will be just as good. this is very beautiful. i will be wearing this every day.
By   - Creative from New York, NY on 3/8/2016
Don't spray near open flame! Has a very funky plastic smell on me and this is how it stays.
By   - Marketing from Dallas on 2/15/2016
Really nice! I prefer my incense fragrances to be straight-up dry,without the sweet and amber essences that so many have! Its one of my new favorites,and I love the 30ml size and simple,but nice packaging.
By   - perfume from midwest on 11/11/2015
This a unique take on incense, with some dry wood and leather accents. It is easier to wear than some of my other incense scents due to its subtlety and well-blended notes. I have been reaching for this one repeatedly this fall - never want to be without it in my collection.
By   - Cyclist from Montreal on 11/6/2015
As a lover of incense perfumes I can say this ranks for me as one of the nicest and most wearable. Thank you so much Luckyscent for including this sample with my order! Surely a future purchase. The incense stays pretty consistent throughout wear, and it's a lovely sophisticated version that could absolutely be worn by either sex. The leather note came to me on the dry down, but it's a lush round leather, that does eventually fade off.
By   - Artist from Englewood Cliffs on 10/23/2015
Love it! A straight-forward DRY incense,no cloying ambery or sweet notes..
By   - Perfume  from midwest on 10/21/2015
Good, but not as great as Vanilla and Rose Flash. The makeup is predominately frankincense (aspects of pine, camphor, smoke, and citrus) plus Iso E Super (smooth woods) + plus a little patchouli. It also has black pepper. Overall, this is dry rather than resinous, which gives it levity. It's not a smoke bomb. Reminds me of the smell of my sleeves after I've been chainsawing.
By   - Crayon Namer from Nowhere on 9/19/2015
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