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This fragrance shouldn't have vanilla in the name. I get no vanilla. It smells exactly like an apple pie on my skin. It's pleasant, but isn't what it says it is. My search for a true vanilla scent continues.
By   - Sultan from Philadelphia on 8/24/2020
This has become by signature scent for the fall and wither (I use Onyx by Sage for spring & summer). It is such an amazing fragrance and not sweet like a cupcake. Trying Patchouli next!
By   - Teacher from Ansonia on 9/10/2017
Off the top, I get strong, almond, rose, and faint patch, no vanilla here, until the dry down, then it's pipe tobacco, and the classic, generic vanilla, base.
By   - . from . on 4/26/2016
This became my signature scent, and I have over 120 fragrances of various price ranges. This perfume is such a chameleon. Now that it's cold, I smell sweet jammy rose with hints of vanilla, during summer I smell mostly tobacco and vanilla. Then there is always that pleasant just-opened fresh pack of cigarettes drydown. I did not have any fragrances by Tauer before I bought Vanilla Flash. Now, I have about seven of them. This is truly a signature scent and my favorite tobacco vanilla perfume.
By   - N/A from Arizona on 12/16/2015
Surprisingly I can smell every single one of the ingredients in this. Surely a must for tobacco fans. It's nice, but I am not wowed like I was with Incense Flash.
By   - Artist from Englewood Cliffs on 10/23/2015
WOW!!! This is amazing. When I first bought it, I thought it was just okay and was kind of regretting my purchase ( I had only smelled the bottle, not on my actual person). I wore this to work the other day and am in LOVE. The scent lasts a long time and its such an unique scent. I mostly smell Vanilla and tobacco. It sounds like it may not smell that great, but this may be the best perfume purchase yet. And the price is good too!
By   - Military from Alamogordo on 10/6/2015
Wow, so much bang! To my nose (not what the note list claims): Oud, incense, cedar, cardamom, white florals, blackcurrant, rose, patchouli, and some vanilla. Opening is very loud (flash!?) and queasy. This is the oud, cranked up to gasoline. It soon becomes tolerable. The vanilla isn't deep, sweet, or syrupy. It mainly acts as a binder. Key players are cedar, rose, patchouli. I just wish more niche houses would offer smaller bottles well under $100. Tauer has the right idea.
By   - nothing from nowhere on 9/18/2015
Surprisingly this was not mostly or even mainly vanilla on me. It is not very sweet and you can really smell the spices and rose. There is a hint of PHI Rose de Kandahar in it, which I love. Another hit from Andy!
By   - from San Diego on 5/5/2015
Mmmmm. I REALLY like this. A great spicy vanilla that's not at all cloying. I know Andy likes to use Iso E Super as a blending note but it's never listed as an ingredient. I think the Iso E Super gives it a camphor note to it somewhere in the heart, but it doesn't bother me and quickly fades into a nice warm dry down. I would say that this is like wearing a clingy, sexy cashmere sweater while drinking hot spices wine that's herbally and spicy, but not sweet.
By   - from San Francisco on 4/28/2015
This is a staple fragrance for those who love vanilla scents. It gives a little twist to vanilla with the Rose and tobacco. It's full-bodied but still ethereal. Depending on application, the sillage is adaptable, thus could be office wear or evening wear. Lasts most of the day. I bought a full bottle, based on a sample I had received. I believe it will not be my last FB.
By   - from Louisville on 4/27/2015
This lovely EDP reminds me of Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford. Longevity is not the same as the Andy Tauer line--which is fierce! I do have just the roll-on, so do consider. I smell vanilla and tobacco; same as Tom Ford -- which is divine! As far as the other notes, I don't experience those. As always, to each their own! Not sure I would buy this vs the Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille. Consider the price you are able to pay and go from there!
By   - Artisan Jeweler from Indialantic on 4/20/2015
The vanilla aspect of this is nice--it starts off powdery but settles down to a solid, respectable vanilla. What I didn't like was the underpinning of it, which was a base of slightly soapy musk. This combination has been done to death and I'm not a fan. I wish the notes had listed musk, as it is pronounced enough to merit inclusion.
By   - Web developer from Boca Raton on 4/18/2015
This is really, really nice. Not a cloying caramel-vanilla for teens, but a vanilla for those who don't want to wear ice cream sundaes. Well worth a try, and I like this better than most of his other perfumes, the legendary L'Air du Desert Marocain as the exception.
By  on 4/13/2015
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