Zafeer Oud Vanille

Eau de Parfum

by Alexandre. J

Zafeer Oud Vanille Sizes Available:
100ml $120
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Zafeer Oud Vanille...
Very elegant and distinguished parfum. It's not your average niche but an incredible defined decadent. Must have. I enjoy it each time I spray.
By   - Project Management  from Seattle on 1/12/2019
This is a gorgeous, grown-up vanilla. The Oud lovers out there will of course dig this, but the Oud nay-sayers need to try it too - it's really not an 'Oud' at all, but rather a creamy, warm, buttery suede-y woody vanilla. Even my ex mother-in-law complimented me wearing that's saying something! Excellent longevity too.
By   - govt pogue from washington DC on 8/24/2018
The opening definitely has a strong vanilla, agarwood, and leather combination. I don't get the coconut or tonka bean in this scent. Unfortunately, the mid point of the dry down (hours 3-7) the perfume became almost medicinal on my skin. It turned into a weak, but pleasant vanilla with a soft wood (oddly) around the 8+ hour mark, but the heart/middle of the fragrance journey was very jarring. I tried the fragrance 2-3 times to see if it was just an initial application issue, but it happened every time I wore this perfume. It just doesn't play well on my skin.
By   - Admin from Toronto on 2/27/2018
A veeeery close comparison to vanille aoud M. Micallef, yet taking a coconut road somewhere else after the very simular open and overall scent. Longevity very impressive I do preffer micallef only for the lack of coconut note but a five star for someone who is for product cost longevity and scent! A deep warm toasty scent that does well exceed longevity over many.
By   - oh so many, from canada on 10/4/2015
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