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Bowmakers Pocket Perfume

Perfume Oil

10ml Roll-On $72
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I did the scent fitting, listing violin rosin, pencil shavings, and wet, chewed over, extinguished cigar as favored notes. I might have mentioned, too, that I'm a retired bassist. Of course LuckyScent included Bowmakers in the fitting. It proved to yield a powerful scent memory, reaching back to my junior high experience of picking up the bass and on to my orchestra years. While I was fitted with the EdP, I went with the oil, partly for economic reasons, and also because the idea of oil seemed closer to the idea of the luthier's workshop. It is indeed even more evocative of my orchestra years than the EdP. The EdP would be a wonderful date scent, IMO, worn by any gender.
By   - retired bassist from cleveland on 2/24/2019
Woods, resins, mineral spirits - exactly what the Bowmakers Eau de Parfum offers, with bonus longevity. Not surprisingly, this rollerball's medium of mineral spirits cradles the scent exceptionally well - and also, the spirits make the scent last for 10+ hours. Those of us who despaired about evaporation-without-trace after 3 and 4 hours can rejoice!
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 1/23/2017
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