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55ml $529
0.7ml sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about Fauna...
Prepare to be surprised, amazed, and maybe a wee bit taken aback. This is an utterly original smell, and for lovers of the earth, the night, damp basements and the small creatures of the night. It immediately smells nocturnal, no question. It smells wet, peaty, and slightly fungal. Like black earth sodden from a chilly rain, and perfused by... mais si... snakes, worms, centipedes, bugs, snails and mice. Hence the apt name. Nothing in the city ever smells like this; it's a country scent that reminds me of very old abandoned houses, with faded wallpaper, rotted grey-black decayed wood, and cement stained blue-grey with moss, lichen and sow-beetles. I'm so intrigued by this subterranean cave of nostalgic odors.
By   - artist and musician from boerne, tx on 8/11/2016
This scent has the most interesting - and unusual - opening I have ever experienced. It smells just like soil - peaty, rich, fertile loam! For those who think they have 'smelled it all' , this is a curiosity not to be missed. Beyond that, though, the soil odor is quickly replaced with a rich, complex blend of oudh (apparently real agarwood, not a chemical substitute) and vegetal components which makes for a very wearable scent, and one which many (including me) find quite lovely. Probably would be most attractive to those who love night walks, bats, cemeteries and witches. Have just purchased a FB and can't wait to receive it.
By   - attorney from New York on 6/13/2016
Most unusual - I have never experienced anything like this scent. I'm very particular about scents as I can't wear most. I tried this as a sample and I have been intrigued since.
By   - Business Owner from Romeo on 11/27/2015
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