Xerjoff - XJ Oud Attars

Black Sukar

Attar / perfume oil

10ml $285
0.2ml sample $14
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When I received my sample, I placed the tip of the applicator gently on the top of my wrist as I saw other reviews say it is very potent. They are not exaggerating. The amount in the sample will likely last many months, so the price seems far more reasonable for how much scent you are getting. I feel like it is a more feminine scent and definitely leaning toward an older woman's aesthetic. To me, it has a soapy incense scent. As others noted the silage is incredible. Personally, I was looking more for a skin scent and this perfume felt like it was wearing me and not the other way around. It's luxurious, intriguing, bold and it lasts and lasts and lasts.
By   - No one Special from Washington on 9/8/2020
Astoundingly beautiful perfume oil from Xerjoff. One drop of this heavenly potion transforms your whole being into the most delectable Oriental floral bouquet. The perfume maintains a floral musky ambience throughout its stay. It opens with a prominent note of freesia with hints of orange and pink pepper. It transforms into a dense floral heart of Turkish Rose and peony. Finally it settles on a powdery base of vanilla flower, musk and Indian (Assam) Oud. The perfume simply must be experienced to be believed. Unisex (feminine leaning) with tremendous projection/sillage and lasting forever. Would not use more than a drop or two. Arabian nights dreams are made of perfumes like this
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 3/25/2019
the best from the line the oud is very smooth and subtle just serve to add depth and sensuality to all composition very well balanced rich long long lasting and extraordinary silage
By   - Doctor from Kuala Lumpur& Misurata on 7/10/2015
Long lasting! A soapy kinda smell, strong attitude. Even after I got out of the pool, it was still working. I wouldn't call this a unisex scent, more for a confident older women.
By   - engineer from valencia on 8/29/2013
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