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Resin Sacra

Eau de Parfum

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Better than "meh," but ... On the positive side, it's nice, non-headache inducing, and unisex. Maybe because it avoids the ubiquitous and trendy (over)use of oud, I like this a lot more than similar incense frags. And although I personally like church-evoking resinous scents, this one is welcome especially because it ISN'T competing with those. The sillage is good and it's one of the few frags that doesn't turn sour on my skin. On the negative side, it's inoffensive. Friendly, but not a scent that would be memorable.
By   - professor from Vancouver on 6/17/2019
I sampled this over a week or so to make sure my initial impressions were accurate. There were. This is a fantastically blended frankincense based scent. Deep, resinous, pure, yet polite and sophisticated. Good lasting power. It stays great from application to dry down. A keeper for sure. The star of the line IMO.
By   - from California on 7/3/2013
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