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This is one of the best masculin iso-leather fragrances I’ve laid nose too. It’s one of those that, as a man, I always think I’d want to wear when I’m with my woman. It just makes me feel attractive. It has that sexy come and get me vibe. You guys know what I’m talking about. Anyways - if you haven’t tried this one, give it a go! You won’t be Disappointed.
By   - Finance Manager from Rocky Mount NC on 9/19/2021
best IsoESuper based perfume I have ever smelled. Wonderfully clean, fresh, herbal. This is very artistic and unique and really shows what this nose is capable of. Very cool perfume!
By  on 5/18/2015
Simple, nice and very faint. I think this fragrance would do well if it had more of a 'presence.'
By   - Oncology Nurse from Mission Viejo on 3/3/2014
An extremely soft and supple leather is what i get from this fragrance. So far, this is the only Daxon that has really captivated me. All the others i have tried have instantly reminded me of something else i have owned from the mainstream market. It does tend to lack projection for what i would expect from a leather fragrance. I think i would still struggle to spend $185 on this, but this is the closest one to being worth it from the Daxon line.
By   - Software Tester from Silver Spring, MD on 6/20/2013
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