Benevolence Sizes Available:
75ml $360
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Benevolence...
Uh oh -- I'm in trouble. I am going to have to own this very expensive bottle of perfume very, very soon. It reminds me a lot of Acqua di Parma's Mandorlo di Sicilia, but is somehow warmer. MDS is one of my favourite fragrances of all time, so I do appreciate the resemblance. Having said that, they are almost too similar for me to justify owning both; but my heart is set on it.
By   - - from - on 1/20/2019
It smells expensive in a good way. I would wear this to impress. It conveys elegance and lasts all day, changing and becoming more and more beautiful.
By   - from None on 8/15/2014
I received my sample of Benevolence today along with others. Out of the 5 samples I got, this one by far was my favorite. I am very picky with my fragrances and am always trying to find something unique and not smell like everything else out there. If you like smelling like a beautiful woman, this is for you. I just wish it was so costly. Beautiful fragrance.
By   - School Counselor from Houston on 4/24/2014
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