Biblioteca de Babel

Eau de Parfum

by Fueguia 1833

Biblioteca de Babel Sizes Available:
30ml $161
100ml Eau de Parfum $321
0.7ml sample $7
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The bright, warm, syrupy honey quality of the cinnamon and the intriguing smoke underneath: it''s delicious, subtle, exotic, mysterious and yet strangely comforting. I don''t smell books in it at all. It is akin to a more complex, eccentric, and spanish-speaking form of Micallef''s Gaiac.
By   - from Portland on 1/23/2015
I love this scent!! Exactly as described. Great job matching what I was searching for:deep leather chairs in a library with a glass of cognac. Takes me right there. Love it!!!
By  on 11/15/2014
Related to Skarb (Humiecki and Graaf) which I have reviewed elsewhere, but milder and with a coconut nuance.
By  on 7/21/2014
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