Fueguia 1833

La Cautiva

Eau de Parfum

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This is a beautiful gourmand, a soft almost fuzzy scent. I love that they kept this one subtle by not overdoing the sweetness factor. It smells fluffy and comforting in a cashmere sweater type of way, but more like a sleeveless cashmere tank that you wore on a warm day while picking berries. Very wearable and has a strong presence without being cloying or overpowering. I think this could also do very well being layered with other scents. Well done and definitely worth trying!
By   - Stylist from Denver on 10/14/2016
This is a wonderfully delicious scent. I'm reminded of a blackberry jam (I know the notes list blackcurrant), fresh and mouthwatering, blended seamlessly with a fine vanilla cream. I don't get a lot of musk, and it is gourmand, but beautifully done.
By   - HR Director from Seattle on 1/26/2016
I don't know why the other reviewers were not raving about this - it's absolutely divine! The softest, dreamiest, creamiest, pouffiest, fluffiest concoction I have smelled in a long, LONG time. It is berries and vanilla and the softest musk whipped together in a cherub's kitchen. And the longevity is pretty impressive - I swiped my wrist with my sample at 8:30 AM and it was still there when I left work at 5PM! I love it and a FB will be mine....
By   - govt from Abu Dhabi on 9/7/2015
The luckyscent description is not far short of the mark though for me the blackcurrants are drowned out by the vanilla, pastry and toasted almonds. As the previous reviewer says, there are other similar treats around if you are into sweet gourmand notes. But the best and most original Fueguia gourmand has to be the latest one, Flores Negras, with its rich and fresh raspberry/pear/rose character.
By   - retired doctor from UK on 11/27/2014
Not a bad fragrance, but it does smell like a Victoria's Secret store. Musky fruit. It is also exorbitantly priced for what it is.
By   - from Nashville on 5/31/2013
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