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Vanilla Shot

Eau de Parfum

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Vanilla Shot is warm and a little spicy and quite gourmand . I literally cannot stop sniffing my wrist because it smells like the sexiest version of vanilla extract and cinnamon. Please don't let that description be a turn off--this is nothing like scents you find at Yankee Candle. It's way sophisticated, beautiful, and (to repeat myself) sexy, but yes it does remind me of vanilla extract.
By   - Museum Professional from WOODBURY on 11/20/2020
Very masculine scent. Would like it on someone else but not on me.
By   - fur mom and eternal student from Plantation on 2/6/2020
The description is dead-on when it says, "Vanilla Shot is a unique, compelling accomplishment a world away from your typical vanilla fragrance." In my case, a world so far away from vanilla, it never showed up for me. Neither does the caramel or dried fruit. What I get--from beginning to end--is unrelenting tobacco. And not that rich, creamy tobacco-flower smell. Nope. The sharp, bottom of the ashtray kind of tobacco. There is a fast blow-through of aldehydes, but the best comment came from someone I know who rode the building elevator with me. "I didn't know you smoked," she commented. I don't.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 1/26/2019
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