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Woody Mood

Eau de Parfum

50ml $115
0.7ml sample $4
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The smoke definitely walks the line between a fireplace in a rustic cabin and a Catholic church. It would be the perfect perfume for the other me who did not marry a lapsed Catholic. He recoils at the scent of incense in perfume. Having had no religious upbringing, I find the incense smell mysterious and tryst-in-a-church kind of naughty. The booze smell in the beginning is impish as well. "Woody Mood" ends with a manly, "English Leather" vibe which was working for me until lapsed Catholic husband said the words: "vanilla-scented candle."
By   - potter from Philly on 2/9/2019
Im not a fan of incense, but this one is the first one i've tried that i like. You definitely get incense, but it's very gentle and soft that i don't see would offend anyone. Nicely blended with Woods and the sweetness from the Cacao. Imagine this scenario. The smell in a warm old fashioned wood cabin 4 hours after the fire went out in the fireplace and the smoke is just gently lingering in the room. You make yourself a cup of warm sugary cocoa. This is how it smells like. Definitely worth a try.
By   - Norway from Oslo on 10/13/2018
For the first 30 minutes, I commented that I smelled like I was literally on fire, and those around me agreed. It is seriously smokey. But it settled into the rich, camphorous smell of burning palo santo, like a smoke-filled, lightless temple. Dark, but not heavy. With time, softer, almost-sweet floral scents of rosewood and very gentle, powdery cocoa. It all smells holy and ancient and Not Messing Around. I don't know if I could wear this in a small professional office, but I think I want to try.
By   - Designer from western MA on 10/6/2018
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