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I am torn about this. First few minutes are delicious. Nice scent trail. But a bit later the rose and cherry try to kill it for me. But I love cedar spice and tobacco and those elements tell me to keep the faith. I’d say this is an intriguing scent you might enjoy if enough of the notes appeal to you.
By   - Writer from Chicago on 10/21/2019
Opens with an almost floral cherry-tobacco sweet chord, modulated by a small, bright bitterness that does indeed bring green coffee beans to mind. The coffee note expands and becomes quite roasty -- a little cedarwood, a little of a very non-blowsy rose -- on its way to a pretty, distinctly silky amber. The effect isn’t intimacy so much as getting very close to, then backing a respectful distance from, a Seurat -- enjoy the beautiful construction, but be sure to stand back a bit to get the full effect.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/29/2018
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