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Still Life

Eau de Parfum

Still Life Sizes Available:
50ml $115
100ml $195
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Still Life...
Wow! This is delightful. Bright, zesty, energetic but not vapid and empty - it has substance behind it. The yuzu provides a citrus twang unlike others I've smelt and teamed with the various peppers it is a brightness that lasts longer than most citrus fragrances I've tried. I feel this is truly unisex but mostly a spring/summer daytime scent (or anytime you want a lift!) I really do enjoy this scent and if you are a citrus lover I would definitely recommend you try it.
By   - Want to be fume-head. from Australia on 1/17/2016
I absolutely adore this scent. the description is spot on, you really want to wake up and smell.. well, this more than the roses! It's energizing, woody and citrus-y without smelling like the typical sports fragrance. The only downside to this bottled happiness is the longevity which unfortunately leaves you with the same feeling as after a perfect summerday. Lovely, but way too short.
By   - Psychology student from Gothenburg, Sweden on 11/6/2013
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