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My love. So mellow, benzoin with a gentle lift. Silliage is low which makes this perfect for my work. Like a foggy day on the California coast, this scent is calm, introspective. It's my quiet friend. It's deep thought. A year-round scent for me. Perfection!
By   - Cat Herder from Norcal on 1/19/2019
This is one of my calming scents. I wore it through a tragic time in my life & it was like a snuggly blanket that I knew would be there for me. Don't expect this fragrance to shout your entrance. The warming resins & woods will slowly draw people, one by one, on a more personal basis. The bergamot serves to elevate the soft incense. The oak moss is subtle, grounding. The vetiver isn't noticeable except in the beginning. This fragrance is unisex. As a female, I want to spray this on my husband but he shys away from fragrance. I love a whole spectrum of scents from true florals, real fruit like plum and mandarin oranges, regal attars, some ouds, Norma Kamali-like incense, Bruno Acampora's wildflower-like Sballo... Autoportrait is astounding!
By   - Artist from Northern CA on 9/17/2016
Oh wow, on me this is a sweeter version of Shiseido's Inoui, a perfume I have mourned the loss of for years (such is my devotion I have pleaded with the company to remake it, but to no avail). An empty hole in my heart can now be filled.
By   - Scientist from Melbourne on 8/25/2014
Woodsy, meditative, pleasant...but no wow factor. Think this would come off way more exciting on a guy.
By   - from Chicago on 5/9/2013
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