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Lumiere Blanche

Eau de Parfum

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Un parfum épicé - lacté. Avec un départ frais qui s'arrondit au fil du temps pour se transformer en une senteur douce et ronde, sans être ennuyeuse . C'est un parfum réconfortant, qui nous accompagne sans devenir invasif.
By   - Building from Cayenne on 4/19/2020
Sparkling, citrusy beginning. It quickly turns into a soft, skin scent and I find myself having to bury my face in my wrist to smell it but it's lovely and worth it for me. Dry down is milky and comforting. Going on now for 3 hrs and I'm still sniffing away at the quiet, warm musk. I believe this would be very work appropriate as it stays close to the wearer but let's you have some joy to look forward to in your day. I have given it 3 stars bc I wish it had more presence and sustain between the initial blast to the drydown- I felt like the heart is missing but that could be my nose- and I do not think this will last on me longer than 4 hrs. Pity.
By   - Happily Smitten from Winnipeg, MB on 1/9/2017
If the photo described is truly the brief for this scent, Mr. Vitali's visual sense is rather odd. Fortunately, his nose is not. This creamy, spicy, lovely thing could be a cousin of long-gone Annam; what was rice milk there is almond here, and cinnamon and cardamon join the earlier scent's sandalwood and star anise, but the beautiful iris-tonka bean heart of Lumiere Blanche beats a similar rhythm. Drydown on me was subtle and slightly woody.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/6/2015
It doesn't thrill me like I thought it would, the dry down is anemic, and dull.
By   - Perfume Lover. from Brooklyn on 7/7/2013
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