Le 3eme Homme de Caron

Eau de Toilette

Le 3eme Homme de Caron Sizes Available:
125ml $90
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Le 3eme Homme de Caron...
This one is one masterful scent, but not for everyone. It is comprised of many traditional masculine notes, but they are combined in such a way that it is inordinately "pretty." There's no better way to say it. There are a fair number of women who wear it for this reason. I would not call it feminine at all, but it is so well blended it just begs to be worn. It is an elegant and inviting scent. Probably a bit mature. More than a bit "dandy." Maybe a bit dressy. Catches people off guard and garners some attention.
By   - Retired from Los Angeles on 5/16/2020
I'm sort of kicking myself for not discovering Le 3eme Homme a long time ago -- for me this was love at belated first sniff. I appreciate balance and a certain amount of subtlety in a fragrance and I find the blend of citrus, spice, florals, and green notes to be very near ideal here (the components listed in the description above are all discernible). Another point in its favor flows from the fact that it isn't sweet or cloying; I'd call it fresh. No, it's not new and niche but it seems to have stood the test of time. Caron's masculines tend to pass under the radar anyway so you're in no danger of smelling like a clone. Would smell great on a woman, too. In short: classic and classy.
By   - Guy from San Francisco on 9/12/2016
Every time I wear this I feel that I will get compliments. It is very sophisticated and smart.
By   - Teacher from Syracuse on 7/18/2013
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