Profumi del Forte

Vittoria Apuana

Eau de Parfum

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Summer creamy smoothie in a perfume. Banana is more of a runts candy banana scent rather than a true to life one. The orange/tangerine notes I wanted more of, but they sadly fade away. The coconut and rich bourbon vanilla hold this perfume together. I want to like it but the odd banana scent keeps creeping in and turns into a comical farce. Doesn't fare well in high heat and heavy humidity combined. Just not for me. Longevity was a good 4ish hours.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
I love this scent. It’s less tropical “beachy” to me and more tropical jungle. I get wet rice patty, humid, damp bark and big green leaves, banana flower, overripe mangos fallen from the trees and ravaged and trampled ... it reminds me of my times from my childhood spent in a remote farming village in the Philippines. There is a artificial coconut note, but I don’t mind it. I could go without it, but what lies beneath trumps any flaws. This scent somehow brings me to such an important piece of my life, which is really what the power of scent is all about - taking us somewhere profound. I love it, warts and all.
By   - VP from Denver on 4/24/2019
This is a delicious scent. Perfectly unisex. It's what I'd hoped Italian Angel would smell like. The banana accord is there; it's a boozy, nutty banana bread. Perhaps that is due to the toasty coconut note. This could be worn year-round: The coconutty element can be interpreted as beachy, but the gormand warmth of the composition would do well in cooler weather as well.
By   - cashier from Madison, WI on 7/9/2016
I don't know what is in this juice, but it gave me a blistering rash. Someone had written it smelled like barbie doll head. Oh yes, barbie doll head drenched in a toxic fuel. This is so a no-go. I have never in my entire life had a perfume cause blisters, but this one did. Maybe spritzing would have prevented that, but I do not want to smell like fuel for the duration.
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 4/7/2015
I'm the disappointing reviews! This is a gourmand dream. It reminds me of orange creamscicles and warm, sweet days when the orange trees are blooming. Coconut. Maybe slight sugary whiff of a ripe banana? Tropical, juicy goodness.
By  on 3/21/2015
Not at all what I expected. Sample before committing. My experience was no orange, banana, coconut, or vanilla. I got a strong, linear blast of plastic Barbie doll head. "Forte" means strong, and it was. Unrelentingly so. Really a huge disappointment, but as always, YMMV. (Your mileage may vary).
By   - Aritst from Phoenix on 5/17/2014
This is like two perfumes on me - On my wrist, I didn't like the top note much after the coconut wore off. But, I wore it on a breezy day and I got whiffs of it coming back to me which I don't always notice in a perfume. It had a really fresh clean feminine scent that I liked a lot - different than it smelled to me on my wrist. Interesting - I will try it again.
By  on 5/8/2013
I was really looking forward to receiving my sample of this fragrance. It sounds like a beautiful, summer, beachy scent. However, when I smell it, I get no orange, no mandarin, no coconut, no banana, and no gardenia. The only thing I smell is vanilla, overpowering, sickly sweet vanilla. Once I got to work, I tried to scrub it off but could not. It was absolutely nauseating. Cloying and disgusting.
By   - Assistant from Queens on 4/6/2013
Only one thing comes to mind: St. Joseph's Baby Aspirin...the orange chewable kind that we all had as kids.
By   - accountant from central NY on 6/22/2012
i have to say, i ordered a sample in my quest for the perfect coconut fragrance and this fell short. it's rather two dimensional. i sensed a melding of coconut and candy, something like cotton candy or street fair pink taffy. this was not a positive note for me. thankfully, after a couple of hours, it was gone almost without a trace, but that may not be a plus for someone who adores it! moving on...
By   - curator from new york on 5/1/2012
A real feminin scense. Warm and creamy. Got to love this. I do, I do, I DO!!
By   - Norway from Oslo on 4/25/2012
I'll admit, I'm a sucker for coconut. This has a definite suntan lotion scent to it, but I really liked it. My kids thought I smelled good and my husband couldn't stopp nuzzling up to me, so... works for me!
By   - from Long Beach on 4/4/2012
l get coconut, tiare, lemon & pineapple in the opening, & there's a definite "beachy" vibe to this fragrance. The fruity notes fade quickly, it becomes smoother & sweeter, there's a faint banana note mixed with suntan lotion, & vanilla in the base. The sillage is good, but this lasts only 2-3 hours on me. Worth a try if you adore tropical-type scents, but for me this is not worth the high price.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/20/2011
I'm not a big fan of coconut but if I was this would be holy grail material! As much as I don't like coconut, I have to admit I actually like this perfume. It's a rich, full, beachy coconut and I found it much less artificial smelling then any other coconut scent I've tried. I may actually buy it!
By   - from San Diego on 7/17/2011
Something about the artificial coconut top note smells strangely like chargrilled meat when I first apply this fragrance, like I was standing downwind from a Weber while my husband flipped hamburgers. It eventually becomes a little less charred and chemically after about an hour, but then it's just a generic pina colada scent. Creed Virgin Island Water is a much better version of the same idea.
By   - from Seattle, WA on 6/11/2011
Ugh, once again another fragrance that has a wonderful, sweet, sparkling orange openly that dries down to a boring coconut suntan lotion scent in the same way that Profumum Dulcis in Fundo dries down into a boring vanilla. It's nice and reminds me of EL Bronze Goddess but better in the drydown. If you're looking for a nice "beachy" scent complete with the suntan lotion this is it. The opening notes really are great.
By   - from Los Angeles on 4/15/2011
This i a very cool line that I sought out years ago and made an international order for this one. It is a tropical getaway bottled. It smells sooooo good. It's sweet and beautiful but there is something sort of clean about it. Something sort of zippy in there. And when I got to the end of my bottle I was sorta sad but ultimately I won't but another bottle because the lasting power on this is 2 hours top. So fleeting I can't justify the price. I think they spent more money on the marble then the juice inside. Never did like the bottle. I'm glad Luckyscent is carrying the line and I will sample a few others and hopefully the lasting power will be better!
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 4/2/2011
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