Mona di Orio


Eau de Parfum

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One of my all time favorite perfumes, especially for colder months. It's comforting without being motherly, and unusual without being weird. I LOVE the rice note here; it gives it such a soft, sensual closeness, and it's so well blended with the spice heat and creamy woods. One spritz goes a long way, but it has only been noticed and complimented by people close to me (and sometimes, *very* close to me). It's beautiful all the way through the dry down, and it lasts. I sampled BDK's Gris Charnel and liked how it reminded me of Dojima, but in my opinion, the BDK is a little toothless by comparison, it's cozy without the sex appeal, and to me Dojima feels more complex and high quality. This is a special perfume.
By   - Novelist from New York on 11/29/2020
By   - Equestrian from Los Angeles on 8/16/2017
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