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Vanille - Les Nombres d'Or

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I really wanted to love this. I saw all of the YouTube reviews of this fragrance which were mixed by the way. I was intrigued by the idea of it being a different take on a gourmand but this is not what I was expecting. I get absolutely no vanilla or any sweetness from this. It smells spicy, incense, almost peppery smoky. It smells vintage but not in a Shalimar or Chanel no5 good way. Out of a possible 10 I give this a 5.
By   - Massage Therapist  from New York on 2/16/2019
For me Vanille is a beautiful, rich woody perfume, more about gaiac and sandalwood than vanilla. There's a boozy cointreau-inflected orange-pomander opening that proceeds into the heart of the fragrance, combining with smoky gaiac and soft, deep, earthy vetiver to give it a bit of a spice-embellished incense-and-leather vibe, enriched with whisps of dry vanilla and bolstered by a bed of creamy sandalwood that gradually grows in strength over the drydown. All of this develops in a particularly elegant way--very smoothly and deliberately, giving the profoundly satisfying sensation that you're in good, careful hands with this scent.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 1/4/2019
A dry powder of vanilla. Not foody or sweet. Subtle. Slightly woody. Seems to have good longevity. I dabbed just a bit on each wrist. A little later, when I ventured onto the balcony into 100 degree Baltimore heat, the fragrance reignited delightfully without becoming overbearing. The recap: subtle, woody,sophisticated, good.
By   - student from Baltimore on 8/16/2016
The perfect vanilla fragrance for the man or woman who loves vanilla but doesn't want to smell like a candle confection. The titular absolute is distinct and prominent yet it blends so smoothly with the bittersweet Brazilian orange and the greener, dirtier notes that Mona di Orio's Vanille transforms it into a specific mix of sultry sweetness and brute sensuality suited for the edgy or androgynous. Definitely full bottle worthy.
By   - Writer from California on 1/25/2016
There's something horribly green in this, maybe it's the vetiver, that is too grassy and sharp and it ruins everything for me. I want soft, warm, cuddly, sweet vanilla. Mona di Orio makes the same mistake that many companies make when designing a vanilla perfume - they include one rotten note. And that's all it takes to destroy a symphony.
By   - Teacher from Laguna Beach on 12/11/2015
Initially, I was taken aback by this perfume. This did NOT smell like any other vanilla was too dark, too smoky. But after a while, I realized I couldn't stop sniffing my wrists...and now "too dark, too smoky" was what I craved! This fragrance is every beautiful, sensual, complicated, elegant, gracious, chic, smart, adventurous woman/man you've ever met (or hope to meet). I'm sad to know Ms. di Orio is no longer with us, but, dear God, has she left a remarkable legacy!
By   - Criminologist from Bay Area on 11/6/2015
Take Creed's Royal Delight and apply on one wrist. Then apply MdO's Vanille on the other. You will find that Vanille is a much better composed scrubber. This juice is just too stuffy and too much NOT vanilla. It made me feel like a dowager at some charitable function in a vintage Chanel suit--and not a pretty one. I even have gloves on! The clove and spices just bring this down, down into the bowels of a rum-running ship. Vanille is a tedious affair no matter how quality the raw material.
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 9/5/2015
i'm a sucker for vanilla, and this delivers. but it isn't sugar overload vanilla frosting candle. instead, the vanilla plays nicely with cloves, amber, and campfire smoke. at first the smoke theeatens to overpower, but very quickly the cloves, amber, and vanilla come to the surface. the smoky wood is still there, but gentle. this is a warm, sensual one. i highly recommend it.
By   - from south sf bay area, ca on 10/25/2014
very sexy and sweet scent. it lasts 24h. like amber oud - by kilian, vanilla is the less in this parfume. state of the art parfume.
By  on 3/31/2014
After awhile I felt like I'd been in the hold of the above mentioned old wooden ship a little too long. It veers toward the masculine too. Nice idea though.
By  on 10/20/2013
Oranges, cloves, booze, and vanilla. Despite each of those things being edible, this scent (hallelujah!) is not. The spicy, slight sweet cloved orange gives way to the vanilla as it dries but it never disappears completely, which is good because it's a great counter to the dry woodiness that everything rests on.
By   - from Brooklyn on 2/14/2013
This is hands down one of the best vanilla scents I've smelt, if not THE best. As often as not, vanilla scents come a cropper on my skin as they turn too cloyingly sweet, but Mona's Vanille walks the tightrope between vanilla's idiosyncratic sweetness and some wonderful countervailing smoky notes. Stacks up well against Guerlain's Spiriteuse Double Vanille, albeit this is nothing like the former. Definitely room in my scent wardrobe for both.
By   - from San Francisco on 12/5/2012
This has such a brilliant citrus opening. Very woodsy, sweet, and sexy. A must try for vanilla or gourmand lovers.
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 10/29/2012
Beautiful spicy warm delight!
By  on 10/26/2012
I tried this as a sample. It was a definite scrubber on me. I don't get the boozy note at all. I get anamalic vanilla that dries down to a very "old woman's" perfume. A definite pass in my book.
By   - Healthcare from Pensacola on 10/7/2012
this one turns into cloyingly sweet apple pie on my skin. if you like that kind of sweetness, it certainly is a lovely, rich, thoughtful composition. for me, the sweetness is just too feminine.
By   - painter from portland, or on 7/26/2012
Another superb entry from Mona di Orio's Nombres d'Or series. Vanille is very atypical of most gourmands in that it is not sweet at all. Instead you get just a hint of dry rum to open things up, transitioning quickly to a dry vanilla bean heart with hints of clove and cinnamon to round out the middle notes, ending in a sublime sandalwood and dry vanilla base. Superb from start to finish, and unlike many gourmands this one is very unisex and very versatile. Great stuff and full bottle worthy, IMO.
By  on 10/4/2011
This one went from "interesting" to cravings for me. It totally lives up to the discription above and is a vanilla scent that stands out! Not to sweet and definitely not "girlie." That ship has surely been to stormy seas..Mona di Orio is a true individualist!
By   - from Bergen,Norway on 9/10/2011
Woah! This is so earthy and deep. The first whiff I get is heady and like a spicy earth smell and kind of boozy(I'm no pro in describing these things so excuse my naivete). Then it softens to that rich vanilla with a dusky undertone. Definitely unisex. I only have a sample and I'll post more once I've worn it for longer.
By   - Graphics from Melbourne on 8/1/2011
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