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Tubereuse - Les Nombres d'Or

Eau de Parfum

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Tuberose is my favorite main scent. I've bought a lot of tuberose based fragrances but this one is unique. There is a creaminess to it, but the first big hit is very green smelling. After about an hour, it barely projects off the body, but the longevity is great in hair and clothing. This fragrance makes me feel relaxed and calm. It's beautiful, without being too "pretty."
By   - Site Merchandiser from Seattle on 5/1/2020
Love this scent! A different take on tuberose. I don't find this fragrance sweet. It is a rich, spicy tuberose. I definitely get that punch of pink pepper throughout the life of this fragrance. It does get more creamy as it progresses but that spiciness remains. I love the spicy note in this. So a smooth, creamy tuberose with a kick.
By   - Analytical Chemist from Lexington, KY USA on 9/19/2019
Tuberose as a main note usually has a typical suffocating and seductive floral sweetness. This one is completely different. The start is really sweet, but it's not that usual, full-body sweetness....Right next to the sweet you immediately realize a deep, tough animalic part and this part gives body of this masterpiece. It's not a lovely or romantic piece of tuberose creation. As the tuberose slowly weakens, musk & amber is getting more sensual, wild, and dangerous. Simply amazing!
By   - finance from Budapest on 2/4/2016
Loved it but couldn't smell it on self after about one minute. Same with this brand's Oud.
By   - from Plantation, FL on 9/3/2012
I can't believe anyone thought this was sweet! Not sweet at ALL to me. Sheer masterpiece! So glad I finally have a gorgeous white floral to wear. Mona's Les Nombres d'Or line is nothing short of magnificent. She is soooo missed!
By  on 5/2/2012
Wanted so much to like this fragrance, however I found it was just to sweet for me.
By   - from Maryland on 4/21/2012
My gosh - this is one of the most unique tuberose compositions I have sampled. It unfolds before your nose - from the tart green and loamy soil earth of the entire plant to the rich and smooth natural tuberose in it. I have one other tuberose perfume which shares the same raw natural beauty of the tuberose and it is a semi bespoke scent by a nautral perfumer. Definitely a creative masterpiece.
By  on 3/8/2012
I usually steer far from tuberose fragrances, just too suffocating, that is why I saved this sample till last. Well I am stunned by this beauty. Finally a tuberose for me! Sillage is just right and so far it is pretty tenacious. My first thought on sniffing was that it was a lot like Rubj, probably the Calabrian orange, but this one is not sweet like Rubj and thankfully is a good deal less expensive. A big fbw for this beauty.
By   - Designer from Inland Northwest on 12/21/2011
Ordered based off of how much I loved the sample. Very very well made perfume and for me a surprising interpretation of tuberose. This is a perfume you can wear around the office without people complaining.
By   - Programmer from Boston on 10/31/2011
I normally can`t wear perfumes with white flowers because they tend to give me nausea.(Prefer Oriental/woody ones.) However, this one is absolutely gorgeous! It transports me far away, to a jungle by night. ( very romantic for me since I live in Norway:) It smells beautiful of flowers, but I`m also aware of dangerous animals and other creatures, lurking in the dark. Exciting!
By   - from Bergen, Norway on 9/8/2011
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