Tubereuse - Les Nombres d'Or

Eau de Parfum

by Mona di Orio

Tubereuse - Les Nombres d'Or Sizes Available:
75ml $200
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Tubereuse - Les Nombres d'Or...
Tuberose as a main note usually has a typical suffocating and seductive floral sweetness. This one is completely different. The start is really sweet, but it''s not that usual, full-body sweetness....Right next to the sweet you immediately realize a deep, tough animalic part and this part gives body of this masterpiece. It''s not a lovely or romantic piece of tuberose creation. As the tuberose slowly weakens, musk & amber is getting more sensual, wild, and dangerous. Simply amazing!
By   - finance from Budapest on 2/4/2016
Loved it but couldn''t smell it on self after about one minute. Same with this brand''s Oud.
By   - from Plantation, FL on 9/3/2012
I can''t believe anyone thought this was sweet! Not sweet at ALL to me.Sheer masterpiece! So glad I finally have a gorgeous white floral to wear. Mona''s Les Nombres d''Or line is nothing short of magnificent. She is soooo missed!
By  on 5/2/2012
Wanted so much to like this fragrance, however I found it was just to sweet for me.
By   - from Maryland on 4/21/2012
My gosh - this is one of the most unique tuberose compositions I have sampled. It unfolds before your nose - from the tart green and loamy soil earth of the entire plant to the rich and smooth natural tuberose in it. I have one other tuberose perfume which shares the same raw natural beauty of the tuberose and it is a semi bespoke scent by a nautral perfumer. Definitely a creative masterpiece.
By  on 3/8/2012
I usually steer far from tuberose fragrances, just too suffocating, that is why I saved this sample till last. Well I am stunned by this beauty. Finally a tuberose for me! Sillage is just right and so far it is pretty tenacious. My first thought on sniffing was that it was a lot like Rubj, probably the Calabrian orange, but this one is not sweet like Rubj and thankfully is a good deal less expensive. A big fbw for this beauty.
By   - Designer from Inland Northwest on 12/21/2011
I normally can`t wear perfumes with white flowers because they tend to give me nausea.(Prefer Orientalwoody ones.) However, this one is absolutely gorgeous! It transports me far away, to a jungle by night. ( very romantic for me since I live in Norway:)It smells beautiful of flowers, but I`m also aware of dangerous animals and other creatures, lurking in the dark. Exciting!
By   - from Bergen, Norway on 9/8/2011
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