Mona di Orio

Oudh Osmanthus

Eau de Parfum

Oudh Osmanthus Sizes Available:
75ml $350
0.7ml sample $6
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Like golden light dripping and golden bells.
By   - fragrance collector from Las Vegas on 11/13/2017
Wow, wow, wow! I may have just discovered the one, single fragrance that sums me up as I would like to be thought of. Sooo many adjectives apply, but I'd say warm, feminine and confident, someone who likes themselves and others, someone who is loving and welcoming. Someone who is pretty. This is a classy fragrance, classy with a capital C. Yet it does not fawn, simper or beg for attention. It simply draws into itself all those who are lucky enough to smell it. This is a great perfume made from top grade ingredients by an artist who knows what she is doing.
By   - retired attorney from Riverside on 8/29/2017
Very refined, very french. The Oud is restrained and subdued. I don't get much osmanthus. It goes powdery and musky on me fairly quickly. I can imagine this on a middle aged wealthy Parisienne.
By   - teacher  from chi on 8/7/2017
I'm glad I tried something with real aoud....I did enjoy the fragrance, it was very interesting.... woody, balsamic, slightly fruity, sometimes it even seemed metallic. The aoud does dominate and really couldn't distinguish the other notes, other than perhaps the osmanthus which probably was the hint of fruit.
By   - nurse  from lost in NJ on 6/25/2017
I'm beginning to understand why this fragrance was previously known as Oud... A very nice, high-quality fragrance, to be sure, but I'm not convinced the osmanthus was given any starring role in this perfume... I have to hunt for the osmanthus and, to be honest, after several attempts I still am not certain I've found it.. And living somewhere that osmanthus is really prevalent, I'm more than familiar with the scent. GORGEOUS Oud... Absent osmanthus.
By   - Teacher  from Taiwan on 9/18/2016
This is a Woman's perfume. It is darkly feminine, warm, strong. The sent unfolded as it warmed to my skin. Clung to me for hours.
By   - Carpenter from Boston on 12/24/2015
It is official, Mona is my favorite perfumer and oh how sad it is that she left us in her prime. My top three frags are her Tubereuse, Violette Fumee and at the top of the list this Oud. She was so gifted and I'm so thankful that the company has her formulas and the dedication to maintain her standards. Mona's Oud is worthy of only those who can appreciate its sublime beauty.
By   - Designer from NE WA state on 5/13/2014
I ll try to describe my experience with this parfume. I tested it for months. I really like oud smell. this is a perfect combination of oud and citrus. after an hour the balance remains excellent. it's a unique creation and very very classy. it's not lasting for more than 5 hours and the sillage is medium. I really believe it contains pure oud oil since after months the oud smells different. it's getting more warm but better. the price is reasonable for this parfume. there are no comparisons to kilian's pure oud or any other oud based parfums. this is different. oud is always behind the citrus notes. a must have parfume.
By  on 4/4/2014
Love. Totally addictive. Totally non-gender. I am totally willing to spend $525 on a fragrance if it is extremely special... This is special, however, there is an element of this that makes it smell like extremely expensive hair product. Also, lots of similarities with MFK oud, and I think MFK wins. however, MFK Oud also has similarities with DC Oud Shamash, and I think oud Shamash wins.
By  on 1/7/2014
I've been hunting for a perfect oud. A natural oud, not synthetic. I was excited to try Mona di Orio's oud based on the LS description. It's very, very nice. And you can smell very clearly that this is a real oud, not synthetic. I think it would be amazing on a woman. The jasmine notes are very prominent and don't fade much. Because of the florals, it starts to smell more and more soapy as it dries. I think LS is off the mark on this one. I think it definitely veers feminine. I like it - but not on a man.
By   - from NYC on 11/3/2013
Smooth westernized OUD but exotic enough to put Arabic Lettering on the bottle...agreed. However the opulent opening turns into a barley noticeable skin scent within just a little over an hour. Why is this $500 + ?
By   - Freelancer from NYC on 9/10/2013
I love this Oud. There are some problems with it though. First off, it doesn't last long at all, three hours tops on my skin. And, this might sound weird, but it reminds me of Paul Sebastion! I haven't smelled that scent in well over 20 years, but I used to wear it as a teen. When I first put this on it reminded me of something I couldn't put my finger on, then it hit me, Paul Sebastion! And then there's the price. Seriously folks. I'm giving it a 4 because it really is a beautiful scent. I will hunt for it elsewhere, or might end up buying the Mona Di Orio discovery box. I have a full bottle of Orris by Andy Tauer for trade;)
By   - from Tucson on 10/23/2012
Im not a huge Oud fan so this review may be biased. This fragrance just doesn't smell good...I dare say even bad. I just dont get why anyone would want to wear this. That's what I hate about niche fragrance. Try to be so different that it defeats the purpose of wearing fragrance- to smell nice...
By   - Healthcare from Pensacola on 10/7/2012
Probably the most stunning oud in the Western style I've ever tried. Addictive! There's nothing else out there like it.
By   - RN from Orlando on 9/20/2012
very frustrated with this line of scents. Both this one and the Tuberose one smell unbelievable but no matter how much I spray on myself nobody else ever smells these scents on me. I can't smell them on myself either. This one lasts about 5 mins. on me.
By   - from Plantation, FL on 9/3/2012
I've spent the day with this sample, and now in my 5th hour, the drydown is heavenly. This oud had only a very slight and very bearable sour patch on my skin for about 30 minutes, then became like a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Very wearable, very approachable. I would use this everyday. A soft, complex, smooth masterpiece. Despite the price tag, I'm seriously considering it. I am intrigued.
By   - Trainer from San Francisco on 7/12/2012
This fragrance is phenomenal - outstanding sillage - extremely smooth and refined. I've worn it in Arizona (dry heat) and Tennessee (very humid).....just an incredible scent with depth and uniqueness
By   - Deals from Nashville, TN on 7/11/2012
Owning two other creations by Mona, I was curious about this one. My sample arrived today and I am awstruck by how beautiful this is. I wear a couple of the Amouage's, Dia and Gold on a regular basis and thought I would be hard pressed to find anything quite as sumptious and decadent as they are. This tops them both, If it was a fur coat it would be a sable, if it were a scotch, it would be one of those thousand dollar 100 year old ones. I have just ordered a bottle, and can hardly wait till it arrives.... At least 10 stars.
By   - Director of Domestic Affairs from Portland Oregon on 3/26/2012
By far my favorite oud rendition I have tried to date. I was so hoping I would not like this given the price tag, but god this is a beautiful fragrance. Just smells ridiculously smooth, luxurious, sensual and comforting. I am seriously fighting the urge to drop the cash on it but it's a losing battle.
By   - from Las Vegas on 3/13/2012
Unlike anything else in my collection. I use it for special occasions, with a dab of Amouage Tribute to knock it out of the park.
By   - Architect from San Jose on 2/11/2012
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