Mona di Orio

Nuit Noire

Eau de Parfum

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Gorgeous tuberose beginning and smooth vanillish dry down. Has a fecal touch in the beginning but it doesn't last.
By   - Teacher  from Chi on 11/25/2017
I just revisited this beauty after many years. What a totally underrated joy! Nothing "dirty" about it to me. The blending is blows Shalimar out of the water. Try will be shocked at the love in the progression of the scent. Such an injustice done by Luca Turin! I think he had a bit of a jealousy issue. Try it!
By   - Professor from Asheville, NC on 6/10/2017
A very interesting, womanly/voluptuous fragrance, with an old-school vibe; the kinship to LHB-- heliotrope, almond, cherry-- cannot be denied, but this is muskier, skankier in the best way. Civet surely plays a part. Rich, carnal, beautiful. Olibanum confers an aromatic hint to the heart. Powdery finish. Gorgeous stuff. Recommended for romantic wear.
By   - digital artist from boerne, tx, usa on 1/12/2016
A classic style oriental in the vein of Shalimar. Jasmine and cistus swirl over a base of civet, amber, and creamy woods. Some vague prickly spices dance above. Feels dated, flapper-ish. Definitely more femme.
By   - Crayon Namer from Nowhere on 9/21/2015
on me, this scent is just sensual & really, really beautiful. i do tend to make things sweeter, so that might explain why the animalic is dialed down & the floral dialed up a bit, but any way you shake it, it's a gorgeous scent.
By  on 7/24/2011
Dark, dirty and delicious is spot-on. I bought a full bottle of this based on the above write-up knowing I would love it and I do. It starts out smelling just like a vase of decaying tulips, but not in a bad way, after about ten minutes it dries down and turns into Guerlains, L' Heure Bleue, in an even more raunchy and wear it if you dare kind of way. It is a scent right out of the past, heavy but not overpowering, and so opulent and decadent. It is definately not for the office, more for a night out. I am a lover of the more unusual perfumes and this one is my new favourite. It is just beautiful
By   - Operations Manager from Portland OR on 3/24/2011
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