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Cuir - Les Nombres d'Or

Eau de Parfum

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Dry, prickly cedar sawdust, suede leather, smoke, vetiver, cardamom, petitgrain, and a small dose of rose. It's so dusty, one could almost sneeze! It's fairly linear. This scent is familiar and comforting, yet Mona added some unique touches to this woody masculine perfume.
By   - nothing from nowhere on 9/18/2015
Sampled the scent, fell in love being a lover of anything leather be it buttery smooth or brash biker and a slight smouldering smoky undertone, very light makes this scent one of the top leathers super seeding Knize Ten & Dzing by a mile! Now enjoying my bottle that arrived today.
By   - retired from Melbourne, Australia on 1/14/2015
Do sample before buying, and only sample if you like smoky notes. On my friend, it was smoky for a short while, then settled down into a dusty sort of leather, and had nice projection for a couple of hours. On me it was just smoke smoke smoke for hours...and I don't mean that pleasant sort of smoke from sitting around a bonfire.
By   - from Saint Paul on 9/5/2014
1) people who have 'roommates' should not spend 230.00 on a bottle of fragrance. 2) Luckyscent was started, and currently run by three guys who were web designers who discovered a gap in the online niche fragrance market. They are not fragrance experts. They are liaisons between manufacturers and the public. The genius part being offering samples, even if they are, in reality, over priced. It works, wish I'd thought of it first, just know that the fragrances offered are here because they're unusual or uncommon, usually both...this doesn't mean they're 'hand-picked' based on quality, and, unfortunately, the buying public associates expensive and exclusive with top quality.
By  on 1/1/2014
This is a totally awesome and amazing scent. Rich, deep, sexy and long-lasting... My BF loved this on me. The opening can be a bit rough and it took me a couple of testings to really get it, but the n it blew me away. Best leather scent ever.
By   - from San Diego on 11/24/2012
I just recently finished a bottle of my signature scent, which is very sweet and smells a bit like candy or fresh baked cake. I was looking for a leather scent to replace it (looking for a change!) And ordered several samples. As soon as I ope ned this one and put it on, I knew this was the one! Even my roomates were exclaiming on how amazing it smelled! Ordered a full bottle and can't wait to recieve it. I might end up buying all of Mona di Orio's scents if they even come close to this.
By   - from Virginia on 4/22/2012
This is my favorite leather thus far. Someone below mentioned Dzing! and PdE Cuir Ottoman which I also like. This Cuir makes me think of biker leather and though I am female I tend towards masculine scents which is why I like this one best. Cuir Ottoman starts out like a leather sofa then changes into a leather handbag which has a bottle of jasmine/iris perfume in it so I find it more feminine. Dzing is just in a class of its own; I feel it's apples & oranges to compare it to the other 2. All three are great and different enough that I could always find one to suit my mood. Oh, I also sampled Montale Oud Cuir d'Arabie recently. That one has a scary opening, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. So that's all I have to say about leather. For now.
By   - Researcher from Mpls on 9/30/2011
amazing! my first perfume from this niche house and I am impressed. this is the best leather on my skin! highly recommended!!!
By   - chemist on 8/16/2011
This is my first foray in the Mona di Orio line, and i must say, i will be coming back for more. Most leather fragrances just smell like a barn to me, but this is soft and inviting. I think people who like Mark Birley will also like this.
By   - Software Test Specialist from Laurel, MD on 5/28/2011
Leather? Really? If this is leather, it must be that of a thousand-year-old bridle pulled from a peat bog in Scotland. But oh, what glorious peat! I have waited years for a fragrance that captured the deep-earth quality of peat. Here it is, turbo-charged, take-no-prisoners. It lasts easily 24 hours on skin, weeks (literally) on clothing. Infused with whisky and, yes, a bit of leather, this is a dream come true. Eight or nine hours into an application, it continues to reveal nuances while, oddly, remaining deeply mysterious.
By  on 3/21/2011
This leather scent is not for the faint of heart. It smells like the bottom of a grandmothers handbag...leather, smoke and camphor. It is not unpleasant, but more a set piece, versus wearable. I much prefer the complex leather scent of Ormonde Man or the smooth suede scent by Heeley.
By   - from Texas on 2/12/2011
WOW! Having tried many samples from Lucky Scent(all good) I splashed this stuff(Cuir) on with abandon. Shortly thereafter I was desperate to get it off. It smelled like what I would imagine ancient enbalming materials to smell like and sure enough it has resinoid opopnax in it. My Yorkie dog hated it and started barking like a dog possessed. The husband kept saying, "Oh it is not so bad," but well, husbands have ulterior motives. Anyway, it just wasn't for me, not even someday when I'm in the crypt. I now test sample each new sample before splashing it on. I'm facing the fact I"m just not edgy. Thanks to Lucky Scent I'm a better person.
By   - CPA, MBA from Minneapolis on 1/30/2011
Sadly, this scent is all ashtray, all the time on my skin. I usually love leather scents, but not this one. Sorry, Mona, I ordinarily love your work.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver on 1/17/2011
I have sampled this for several months now. I always convince myself that it's worth trying again, but the result is ALWAYS exactly the same. Have you ever been around a house fire after it was put out by the fire department? The wet, stale smoke of burnt charcoal house timbers..... right? You have just experienced the opening smell of Cuir. VERY STRONG! and not very easily removed. Eventually, I suppose it does settle down to a scent with less smoke and maybe a touch of leather, but mainly still that burnt down house (and maybe even an ashtray scent at this point). It is extremely interesting (so I'll give it a rating of 2), but pretty ridiculous to consider wearing this. People around you will start wondering who stepped in the wet ashes?
By   - television from Marion, IN on 12/15/2010
This scent is a winner; leather-lovers mustn't miss it. Opening hints of black pepper and warm cardamom and citrus hint at an early transparent warmth nearly touching upon sweetness. But the drydown is not sweet: it's a smoky, dirty leather with a dry, uncompromising attitude. The dry "burr" of tarry cade meeting insinuating pheromonal, erotic castoreum-- its drydown signature--- is pure, earthy, sensual pleasure. Smells like a Western lariat and saddle tack. Pretty butch, with a controlled warm roughness... but women lovers of leather-- the real deal, here--- will find this a fascinating autumn/winter scent.
By   - graphic artist from boerne, texas on 10/27/2010
The bottle is nicer than the liquid.
By   - from Portland on 9/26/2010
I got a sample of this for The Husby, and on him it gave off way more incense than leather. Luckyscent has two great leathers in its line: Dzing! and Parfum D'Empire Cuir Ottoman.
By   - Journalist from Near L.A. on 8/25/2010
This is bar none the best straight up leather fragrance in the market. I've tried 'em all and while many come close to the smell of newly tanned leather (think Cuir Ottoman) this blows 'em all away. It is rich and buttery but not cloying in any way. It has medium sillage and lasts a good 8 hours plus on my skin. If you want straight up leather look no further!!!
By   - Tech Marketing Exec from San Ramon CA on 8/16/2010
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