Nordic Noir

Eau de Parfum

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50ml $195 $160
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Nordic Noir...
On first sniff, I was immediately reminded of the wonderful Nuit de Noel. If you like that fragrance, I think you will like this as well. Definitely conjures up cold northern nights - minty, glittery, yet subtle.
By   - Teacher from Bayonne on 7/1/2020
I was a little disappointed with this one. For something called "Nordic Noir" it had a very 'light blue' baby powdery smell. Even on my husband it smelled like dove soap, perhaps less fresh then soap. Sillage was weak 2/10 longevity very weak, I'm talking like 10 min. 1/10 and scent was 5/10. It didn't smell bad more like meh...
By   - Accountant from Clinton on 10/8/2019
Those cardamom and rosemary top notes move out of the way VERY quickly; beneath them, this is an earthier scent than the description would lead one to expect -- the musk is bigger, the cedar/sandalwood base is smaller, and the mint notes are just sort of riding along. I like this but don't love it; expected Northern lights, got tundra.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/21/2016
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