Vanilla Marble

Eau de Parfum

Vanilla Marble Sizes Available:
50ml $195
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Vanilla Marble...
A creamy and sweet vanilla that settles, unsurprisingly, to an ice-creamy pleasantness. Lacking in depth or mystery, and not dissimilar to lots of other single-note vanillas purchases at much lower price points. Lovely but almost undetectable after an hour. At this price, I want more complexity and much greater longevity.
By   - Writer from Melbourne, Australia on 9/23/2016
Had high hopes for this one since Isis is my favorite perfume ever. This was disappointing though. An ok vanilla with a little tiare. No projection and it disappears in 2 minutes. So sad! I've tried half of the Agonist perfumes so far and all have let me down except for my beloved Isis.
By  on 5/9/2015
I don't know how a fragrance manages to be both tropical and smoky at the same time, but this does. When I first inhale its smoky vanilla, but the after scent at the end of my nostrils is tropical. It's really interesting to have a tropical vibe creep through a cloud of smokiness. It confuses me in the same what Juste un Reve did by Nicolai which is both powdery and tropical. Vanilla Marble is delicious! It's going on my lemming list! I think its as appropriate for winter wear as it is spring!
By   - SAHM from SoCal on 7/2/2014
This is such a delight - almost. This is a gorgeous fragrance. Grown up vanilla with a burst of citrus to open and some mature fruit and flowers as the vanilla blooms. Then POOF. gone.
By  on 6/14/2014
Gorgeous vanilla. The depth of this fragrance is sublime. The ingredients are derived from the tropics, yet these very ingredients work their magic perfectly during the cold winter months. Vanilla Marble brings warmth and comfort to a winter chill in the air. Vanilla fans will adore this perfume.
By   - Museum work from NYC on 12/19/2012
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