The Infidels

Eau de Parfum

by Agonist

The Infidels Sizes Available:
50ml $195
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about The Infidels...
I enjoy Davana particularly, and was eager to smell it in a fragrance less floral than typical. However this scent is not at all unisex but very feminine and floral. The pepper, spicy, and incense notes are overly subtle or nonexistent. What is left is a nice scent that nicely displays davana at its heart but cannot be considered neutral enough for a man to wear at all.
By   - White collar from Minneapolis on 10/7/2016
It''s a good fragrance but it''s main feature is it''s uniqueness. It''s not off-putting and it does not remind me of any other fragrance.
By   - musician from Pensacola on 6/7/2013
this is an amazing perfume. 2 years ago I got a sample from Luckyscent and I fell in love. Finally, as they got rid of the 500 dollars glass bottle I could afford it. It is so subtle and complex and beautiful. In the evening, when I come back from work, the car is still full with the morning scent and this makes me feel less tired
By   - from Texas on 2/9/2013
Simply unique! Me and my husband both use and LOVE it. I bought just the refill, would never spend 500 bucks on bottle :)))
By   - from Parker on 10/6/2011
I was really hoping for something but you know what can happen if you mix too much green with wood? POWDER.Too powdery, not interesting at all. If you like to collect perfumes for the bottle and not the smell, then I suppose it is right for you.
By   - from NYC on 7/22/2011
Dark, aggressive, rich. This smells like concentrated, spicy jam, but with a heady strong punch to it. Not a daytime scent at all -- it needs a dark, cold night to really feel appropriate. Love this fragrance despite how "rough" it is when it''s first applied...but I will never be able to afford a bottle, and the samples seem to be gone. Wish they would bring the sample sizes back - I would pay even more than the $8 for a refill of my sample size since it''s so long-lasting and special.
By  on 7/19/2011
I think everyone has missed the glaring problem isn''t the fact it smells bad or good (the notes did sound interresting), it is the fact they expect you to pay 405.00 for a stupid looking bottle and they only want 90.00 for their prescious and exclusive mean honestly, the ingredients must not be worth a quarter if they are charging so little for the least clive christian charges a price commenserate with the price for the bottle with the diamond in it....
By   - Professor from Shreveport on 1/15/2011
I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE!!!!!!When I waer this I Feel like Im in Love, in the mountions,with my favorite flowers, warm candle light and my husband and i makeing love. and all is good.
By   - from Winter Park,Fl. on 12/27/2010
This service won''t let me post the word I want to use. Let''s just say it smells like "#1" of the bathroom mixed with Carmex.
By   - Director from New York on 12/13/2010
Foul. Don''t even try it.
By   - Director from New York on 12/13/2010
I cannot rave enough about this fragrance. It brings to mind smoky black woods on a winters day with a warm mellow undercurrent of smoldering anger, or perhaps jealousy.If only I were richer and could afford a bottle of this. However, I don''t think it is really worth the price. But the place that makes these is first and foremost THE glass making place in Sweden, which makes this a perfume for connoisseur of glassery. And that SwedishNordic flair really shows itself in this perfume as it should.
By  on 10/31/2010
this is quite nice, although at $8 for a sample... hm.... probably best to request a sample of this with the purchase of another bottle. not sure it''s worth the price of a bottle of syrah.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
I can''t decide what is drawing me to own a bottle of this. The black currant is dominant, on my skin, throughout its progression. I cannot for the life of me decide if the magnolia tonka combo is highlighting it or some other combination. I only know I''m crazy for this quirky little thing. I''ll have it SOON
By   - Fire Protection from Southern US on 8/27/2010
This cologne is very strange indeed. It''s weird.. I am not really sure how to judge it. Ummm... it''s unique. Alright? My only criticism of The Infidels is how expensive it is. This cologne is not worth what it costs, in my opinion. It''s a good fragrance overall, but it seems too expensive for what it smells like. Yes, The Infidels is unique. However, it truly is worth at least half of the price calls for. I bought a sample of The Infidels, and to this day it is the most expensive fragrance I have ever bought - for what it is worth in the bottle size. I suggest buying the sample only but NEVER the bottle - unless one is very wealthy. Again, this cologne is not worth what it costs.
By  on 8/5/2010
In addition named well per agoni which does same as..also managed scent of warm earth and aethar elemental systems. deep space maybe,,held by inscense..definately works per agoni..on not to be..and Pause..definition ...ari
By   - mathamatician from bloomsburg pa on 7/20/2010
To be or not to be..I think best describes this one..did have sample of. Took a few hours for base to devlop off of chemistry Vena..have to wait on this make determination..seems to stay in space between being and not..In Pause. Really like it..samples for now unless refill on bottle. Although suspect they are throwing bottle in for close to free on this one,,,samples for now looks like..on tesla pay..ari
By   - mathamatician aerospace from bloomsburg Pa on 7/20/2010
I didn''t want to like this because of the price tag. First sniff from the vial left me I unimpressed. But after I put it on my skin I loved it! Deep and jammy (like current flavor in wine) with a bit of spice to it (must be the green cumin?) It has a brooding quality about it. When I wear it I think of a mistygray fall day with a glass of pinot noir in my hand. The bottle is crazy and prices it out of most people''s budgets. Too bad. I think this perfume would be mostly appreciated by fragophiles who live on realistic budgets. And even if they could afford this, would not want such a cumbersome bottle that needs displaydresser space. Having said that, get a sample or two. You''ll enjoy it!
By  on 7/19/2010
Hideous little bottle! What is it suppose to be? I haven''t tried it yet but had to write about the bottle.
By   - from CT on 7/18/2010
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