Poivre Electrique

Cologne Absolue

by Atelier Cologne

Poivre Electrique Sizes Available:
30ml $130
100ml Cologne Absolue $250 $160
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Poivre Electrique...
Opens with a blast of fresh cracked black pepper, followed fast by hot woods, full steam ahead. Twenty minutes later, just when I think this scent is a heady/spicy/woody fire, the kindling collapses onto itself and mellows into something that resembles an oudh. Not a chemical band-aid oudh, but a soft, great composite of a soft, mild, dissipating oudh for a fraction of the cost. Completely unisex, and suited for cooler months. Lasts a good 8 hours on me.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 4/18/2017
Beautiful and unique. Opens with a blast of pepper but it is cool and roundly fragrant. Lovely florals that never steal the show hum along nicely and everything comes together to create a gorgeous leathery bouquet. Absolutely some of the best perfumery ever and destined to become a classic among the likes of Cuir de Russia et al. On my to buy list along with Amouage Beloved. Oh and excellent spillage and good lasting power. Everything here is done to perfection!
By   - Perfume Addict from Halifax on 2/7/2017
I like this warm and tingly composition a lot. Reminds me of Hermessence's Poivre Samarcande but with more bite. Compared to CdG's Blackpepper, this one lasts longer and remains 'peppery' the whole way through. I do love Blackpepper's drydown though. Poivre Electrique is on my to-buy list. Love it.
By   - Retired man from the South on 2/2/2017
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