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Here's what other people are saying about Bergamote Soleil...
I wanted to love this and I did when I first put it on. Wonderful, slightly sharp citrus mellowed a bit by floral scents. But that was less than an hour ago and the citrus is gone leaving a rather generic woodsy scent. Oh, well, I will keep looking for the perfect citrus scent.
By   - Itinerant from Woodstock, CT on 10/1/2017
Gorgeous, intense bergamot-peel scent. On opening fresh and crisp, slightly bitter, not sweet, softening to a comfortable, warm woody-clean and welcoming-feeling cologne. Lasting power 3 - 4 hours (from a dab-on sample), no doubt much longer with a full spray. Spring and summer perfection, but appropriate for anytime you feel like - or need - some warmth and light.
By   - Artist from Florence on 7/7/2016
I didn't expect to like this but wow, it's really nice!! Bright, pure, mouth-watering orange at first, dries down to a really nice sort of creamy-fresh wood fragrance - hard to describe. Not at all cloying, spicy or overpowering, just really lovely. For all the disappointing citrus fragrances out there, this one hits the mark beautifully.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 3/10/2016
Sunshine in a bottle! I love, love, LOVE this bright, happy scent. Like all the Atelier colognes, it is reasonably priced, modestly packaged, and FABULOUS! I thought Trefle Pur was the best ever, but Bergamote Soleil has replaced it as my favorite daytime fragrance. This is the perfect scent to welcome spring: Here comes the sun!
By   - novelist, as Molly Cochran from Bethlehem, PA on 3/1/2016
I had high hopes for this one. You may love it, it has many beautiful facets. Sadly, on me, the basil turns into a dirty-laundry smell. Many people love skankiness in a scent; I'm not one of them. So, a pass.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 2/27/2016
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