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My favourite from the line. My sister got me into the line after her obsession with Silver Iris. This seems to last longer than others and keeps making me come up to sniff it. As a male, this scent totally fits as it isn't too loud.
By   - Paperfolder from Toronto on 3/19/2019
If one went to a gas station and bought a carton of the cheapest cigarettes, ripped them up and put them in a water bong, this perfume is what the bong water would smell like: damp, cheap, and stale. With a lingering hint of someone's knockoff BWF in the distance. I wear and love Jasmin et Cigarette; I adore angelica in almost anything, but this is hideous. It lasts well, and does eventually get to a place where I don't despise it, but after several tries, this is just a miss.
By   - human from wichita on 5/10/2017
I am not a fan of this house, but the notes in this intrigued me. It is a complex scent that goes through many incarnations on my skin, starting out a sharp bitter herbal, then a narcotic jasmine finally ending in the warm vanilla-y amber drydown. It puts me in mind of The Smell of Weather Turning, although they don't really share any notes, its more about how the scents both evolve from a cold sharp place into a warm cozy one.. I wish I could find THIS and not the horrid orange juice and soap in small travel-sized discount promos...
By   - lab tech from metropotamia on 2/11/2017
The opening is a burst of fresh, green and jasmine, and the incense reads like tobacco smoke. The smoky predominance fades after five minutes, but that warmth spreads underneath and lingers. Top is beautiful, clean, jasmine and fig that is light and refreshing, not cloying or sweet. Longevity is good. And even at the end of the day, when I lean in to my wrist, I can't shake the impression of a smoker trying to cover up that pervasive odor with perfume.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 11/15/2015
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