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It's an ok scent, however there's nothing special about it because it doesn't really last on my skin. This is a very subtle scent that it's only for people that don't want to smell like they're wearing perfume. I would never buy the full price for a perfume that is barely noticeable.
By   - Food Packer from Merced on 8/14/2019
The description of this one is somewhat off. It isn't forest-y or piney at all. It's a rich, slightly masculine, vanilla that smells more like vanilla oil rubbed into the saddle of a horse belonging to a duke than a middle school cupcake. The first spray is pure oak moss and lime, oak moss not being my favorite smell in the world, but it's almost entirely gone in 15 minutes. A sophisticated, high-end smelling vanilla, for those who can something complex and woody, but still want to hang onto the sweetness as the main note. I wear it very often.
By   - writer from Cincinnati on 3/30/2019
Vanille Insensee would have been my new, all-time favorite scent if the dry down retained more of the woodsy notes. For me, it ends up smelling just of slightly-spiced vanilla. However, it's still a really nice scent with good lasting power and for that it gets 5 stars. Not your standard, sweet vanilla - this is something special.
By   - Writer from NJ on 4/28/2016
A unique, beautiful vanilla with TONS of staying power. This lasts all day. It's not a true gourmand, and yet I can't help but think of lime sugar cookies and vanilla ice cream when I sniff this. But it's not sweet. It's airy and complex and *interesting*. Many vanillas are pleasant but boring. This isn't. I don't get the woods others get, but this is a great scent. Layers well, too. FBW.
By   - Writer from Austin on 9/23/2015
Thought I'd give this a try since the notes looked very interesting. Vanilla, oak, lime...Well, all I can say is that if you REALLY like vanilla, this is for you. Unfortunately, that is the only thing I smell, other than maybe a very faint hint of oak. I did not smell any lime at all, and that was sort of a let down for me.
By  on 2/6/2015
I love vanilla fragrances (my first fragrance crush was Hanae Mori) and the description of Vanille Insensée was so lovely that I almost bought it without trying it. Imagine, a complex, grown-up vanilla! The reality is, to me, equally excellent. I love the opening notes of the fragrance: sharp and bright, wood and citrus, that are grounded by a rich and mellow vanilla. I dislike most citrus fragrances because they remind me of cleaning products, but here the citrus is excellent. My favorite part of the fragrance, though, happens at the end of the day, when it's only the lingering scents of vanilla, oak wood, and amber, close against my skin. This fragrance doesn't project much, and the remainder makes me feel as if my skin has suddenly decided to smell particularly excellent. To me, this is a unisex fragrance. I feel powerful when I wear it, ready to ace job interviews and first dates alike, and I'd recommend it to anybody.
By   - fiction writer from ann arbor on 1/18/2015
Vanille Insensée is the most fascinating vanilla I've worn in years. It is long-lasting, multi-faceted, and stunning in hot weather. I've read a description of this fragrance that says within it, "an electrical current runs through the subtle sweetness of vanilla." When I first tested Vanille Insensée I thought this was a pleasant, dry vanilla with short-lived citrus topnotes. It was nice, but not striking. After wearing this 24-7 a few times, in different places, wearing several types of clothing (or not), I find the moods it evokes render me spellbound. It doesn't "seize", but it "sneaks up". I completely understand the "electrical current" metaphor; Vanille Insensée is unconventional in that the top notes don't capture my attention. Insstead, once the vanilla "strikes" from the lime-merinque base, I am hopelessly in love. Vanille Insensée is not one to dismiss as shallow. Do give this one a few wears before thinking you know it, because it's full of surprises.
By  on 7/4/2014
This is my favorite vanilla perfume. It is spacious and airy, yet a true vanilla. But not a candyfloss vanilla, it's a genuine, from-the-pod, natural vanilla. Other notes dance around the central player, and add a joyous vibe. It's a fun, yet sophisticated vanilla, and very unisex.
By   - RN from Miami on 2/11/2013
I dont find this feminine at all. In fact my wife tried it and said it smells better on me. It's a nice dry vanilla with a woody and spiced base that lasts for hours and hours. Probably some of the best longevity i'ver ever experienced. Very little in the way of evolution of the scent but still interesting and warm.
By   - counselor from ny on 8/25/2012
This cologne is nicely balanced gourmand scent. It starts off with whiffs of citron and dries down to a yummy vanilla jasmine. Whats I find great about it is it's not too cakey smelling. This one is all grown up. Very sophisticated, sexy and clean.
By   - sever from Brooklyn on 4/27/2012
The opening is fresh, citrussy & woody, & l smell a lot of white musk along with a whiff of jasmine. lt takes a few minutes for the vanilla to appear, & when it does it's heavily laced with amber, & dry rather than sweet. There are hints of honey in the base. To my nose this fragrance is much more about amber than vanilla, & has a very oriental feel, but this is not a bad thing. The sillage is good, & l would say this is easily unisex.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/21/2011
Lime, cedrat, coriander, jasmine, vetiver, oak moss, Madagascar vanilla, oak wood, amber Vanilla is the 300 lb. gorilla sitting in the middle of the room with Vanille Insensee. Lime and cedrat awaken the nose to the front end shape of the warmth to come. Coriander jasmine and amber add depth to the big center and the woods define the back boundaries of this huge 3 D Vanilla fragrance. It is vibrant, rich, big, deep, warm and comforting. A fantastic tribute to what vanilla can be.
By   - from OKC, OK on 3/11/2011
I am in LOVE with Vanille Insensee! Just in case you're wondering, "Insensee" does not refer to incense. It's literal translation from French to English is "insane". As described by the creators of Atelier Cologne, Vanille Insensee is a vanilla "out of its senses". In other words, it is a vanilla that is fresh and unexpected. And indeed it is! Vanille Insensee is a dry, woody vanilla with a breath of freshness. The woodiness in this is very light - you won't feel like you are in a woodshop. The opening consists of citruses and subtle spice. As those notes dry down, I am left with a creamy, slightly sweet vanilla - not vanilla cake, but more vanilla bean. This fragrance (as well as the entire line) remains fresh and light throughout its wear, which is something I love. It is never heavy or cloying. Rather, it is very refreshing and surrounds you like a veil. On me, Vanille Insensee dries down to a vanilla infused black milk tea with just a mere whisper of woods. Lasting power is great (8+ hours), but this one lacks sillage. It stays very close to you. Perfect non-offensive everyday scent. Definitely a new favorite of mine!
By   - from Honolulu, HI on 3/4/2011
This fragrance is soft, warm, and vibrant. There is a complexity and depth that envelopes and evolves. It is not cloying or candy or flat. The depth of the vanilla, its darkness, comes out. It is longlasting, rich and strange.
By   - Developer from Portland, OR on 3/2/2011
so, I didn't like this at first. I felt overwhelmed by the scent of citronella, and couldn't think of anything but bug spray. Today I gave it one more shot, and realized after the dry down, it just grows softer and more lovely, and now, many hours later, I still love the scent.
By   - designer from atlanta, ga on 2/24/2011
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