Hand Milled Soaps

Hand Milled Soap

by Atelier Cologne

Hand Milled Soaps 7.05 oz
Orange Sanguine $20
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Review of Pomelo Paradis: By nature, perfumed soaps can''t deliver the phased dry-down of the original fragrance, but you''re never sure what notes a soap will highlight. I''m happy to report that the PP soap holds the bright grapefruit top note, alongside the warm amber and vetiver in the base. This is great news for me, as the iris takes over fast with the cologne on my skin, so I prefer the soap scent in that way.While the soap smells intensely through the paper and in the heat of the shower or bath, the scent doesn''t stay on my skin after drying off, so you can use this soap and follow with any fragrance you like out of the bath. $20 is pricey, but it''s oversized (and still 12 the price of Tom Ford soaps).
By   - Retail marketing from Washington, DC on 11/6/2016
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