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Cologne Absolue

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Oh my goodness! Am I speechless? Me? Wow. This sample was my first stab at the Atelier line, but because of this being my first, will definitely not be my last. This fragrance is PERFECT. How could anyone blend woods and florals so perfectly and I don't even like vetiver, which is in here. I'm heady, speechless and totally in love. This is one more beautiful fragrance. My initial thoughts were leaning to this being a perfect day fragrance and the more I smelled my wrist the more I was convinced this was a great evening scent too. Especially in warm weather. I could write more but I have to go sniff my wrists and go into a narcotic swoon. Yes, yes, YES!
By   - accountant from St.Augustine on 10/1/2021
Nice light cologne. It's bright and clean, and the citrus develops a bit over time which is fun. There's a little spice and complexity, and a real wood-woody smell—like if you break open a stick in the woods and sniff it. Not a full bottle for me, but I'll happily use up my sample.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/20/2020
This is a nice punch in the nose. It really has made me rethink citrus notes overall. I plan on wearing this a bit more and get to know it's more subtle notes.
By   - Oncology Nurse from Mission Viejo on 2/19/2014
This has the distinct phases of head, middle, and base notes. The sweeter notes are fresh and invigorating, not cloying. The woods are rich, without being overly heady or incense-y. It fades nicely over 4-6 hours, rather than sticking to my skin through to the next morning and then being hard to wash off. This is a more restrained and elegant fragrance than, say, something like M or Duro which will stick on you through hell or high water (which I do not like). Excellent, high-quality cologne.
By   - Musician from Hollywood on 11/22/2013
This is a two parts fragrance. The opening is very fresh, invigorating and uplifting. Neroli and greens. Same type as Mugler Cologne. Then it all changes, the neroli stays somewhere far back, enough to be perceptible, but the woods takes full force. some light incense appears in the middle for a short time, then some musk. And after that is all woods. I like it, just wish there was another note to break the wood note on the dry down.
By   - from Houston on 7/31/2013
To me it smells like just neroli, wood and vetiver. It's a dry, crisp vetiver, which I can't stand because it smells a bit like medicine and something used to clean doctor's offices. Not for me
By   - counselor from ny on 8/25/2012
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