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I have worn a number of tea fragrances and obviously they can differ as much as tea itself. Oolong tea is a favorite of mine and I guess one could day I had high expectations for this fragrance. I found it terribly disappointing - I do get a hint of tea in the scent, though certainly not oolong tea... It's also oddly reminiscent of the modern "aquatics" that often lack depth and personality (think Acqua di Gio)... L'Artisan's Tea for Two (heavy and rich) or Thé Pour Un Été (light and fresh) are much better renditions of tea.
By   - Teacher  from Taiwan on 9/18/2016
This smells like Earl Grey tea to me, which makes it fun to wear. I'm considering getting a full bottle of it.
By   - Caregiver  from Waterloo on 4/11/2016
I've been buying this for a few years now and it's my go-to scent. It never fails to make feel fresh and femine. Its not a heavy scent so don't expect heads to turn when you enter the room. It has a clean, delicate aroma that smells delicious when someone is up close to you near the neck area (so my husband tells me!) It's versatile too - daytime or evening, crisp winters morning or summer wedding - this fragrance has it all.
By   - Businesswoman from Oxford. UK on 1/22/2016
This is more of a scent for female than male. A little too "pretty," for me but likely a great one for some of the women I work with. Lasts about 4 hours on my skin.
By   - Oncology Nurse from Mission Viejo on 2/19/2014
I wanted this to be something ground-breaking, clean, masculine, modern and wonderful. But all I can smell is a slightly sweet version of Bvlgari's original Homme fragrance, which, like this, only lasts about an hour on my skin and then disappears. This is sweeter while Bvlgari is drier and a bit more complex. I don't mean to over-simplify, but that's what I smell with this one. Tea, pepper, white musk, bright, bright citrus at the very top.
By   - therapist from NY on 6/13/2012
this perfume is the bomb! enough said.
By   - Jewelery Designer on 9/22/2011
Mild and warm but with a well defined smell of black tea. À bit of smoke that maybee is the tobacco. Really nice.
By   - from Sweden on 4/6/2011
I like the smooth blend of the tea notes in conjunction with the citrus. The vetiver dry down isn't too pungent and is quite light, even though I would recommend this for cooler weather to get the best lasting power.
By   - Parfumeur from Dallas on 4/1/2011
This is an extremely subtle scent. The concentration may be 15%, but it seems more like 5%, and that's a very good thing in my opinion. I haven't tested this but I'm thinking that Oolang Infini may be that perfect scent for the office - the projection rarely extends beyond 1-2 feet, and even then, the scent is remains transparent in it's leathery and floral way.
By   - Student from Lafayette on 3/3/2011
This cologne was clearly inspired by Bulgari pour homme - it has that same wonderful transparent ethereal quality filled with a light tea note. It is even fresher than and I like it more than Bulgari and will grab a bottle as soon as my other juice runs out.
By   - Artist from Oklahoma City on 5/26/2010
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