Tan d'Epices

Eau de Parfum

by Andree Putman

Tan d'Epices Sizes Available:
30ml $85 $50
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Tan d'Epices...
Love, love, love... Lasted all day and enchanted me with different attributes as I worked. I am looking forward to getting more than a sample to keep me content.
By   - This N That from Tulsa on 3/22/2019
True unisex winter gourmand. I get sandalwood, more than cedar, at the base. Also a prominent fresh tobacco note that I'm surprised is not listed. Looking for something just a hair lighter/more femme, perhaps with a slightly more prominent floral, but I will certainly enjoy the rest of my sample.
By   - Intern from Portland, OR on 10/10/2016
This is by far THE BEST incense fragrance I have EVER got the pleasure of smelling. It's perfect in every aspect. I have been looking for a wearable incense and so many are too strong, artsy, church like, etc. Great, but not wearable really. This stuff reminded me of a fresh rolled sweet like cigar in a high end humidifier in a room that just got done burning a beautiful lit incense, the room is dry, and stones and wood are all around with old books. AMAZING and worth the 100ml price, though if you have a collection as large as mine, the 30ml would last you long enough to purchase. 2-3 sprays will give you 10-14 hours longevity with 4 hours of solid projection and performance
By   - Finance / Fragrance Collector  from Indianapolis on 7/21/2016
I enjoy this greatly. The florals, though not heavy help to keep the cinnamon from becoming too heavy. Underneath this enjoyable spice is a core of smoky incense and a prominent benzoin base. As a lover of incense, I appreciate how this scent is not too over the top, but still gives that nice smoky finish.
By   - Super Ninja from Pittsburgh on 12/17/2015
Very nice spicy,fall perfume! Lovers of the discontinued PG perfume Un crime generale..should test this!!
By   - collector of fine fragrances from Midwest on 12/8/2015
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