Eau de Parfum

by Andree Putman

L'Original Sizes Available:
30ml $85
100ml $175
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about L'Original...
Just as lovely as the original. I am SO pleased to have found this!!!!
By   - Accounting from Dallas on 10/11/2017
I didn't HATE this one. It wasn't offensive enough to hate. Rather, I did not feel that this weak, grassy scent was really worth purchasing in full size. Luckily I only bought a sample. I love Andree Putman perfumes but I don't love this one.
By   - Teacher from Austin on 8/8/2017
I enjoyed the sample of this quite a bit... but it is so faint I went ahead and used it all in one day. If it were stronger, I would give it higher marks. As is, it isn't worth buying because it's too short-lasting and weak. A very nice composition though--and I'm glad others have had more luck.
By   - writer from Chicago on 4/20/2017
I love what other people are saying about this scent - it does seem to inspire some poetic feelings! Fresh, ish. Spicy, ish. It's very elegant, seems like it could work on anyone. A little green, a little peppery, a little salty, a little "watery". Very subtle, perhaps a little weak? - would love to smell it sprayed on a little more heavily.
By   - Chef from Berkeley on 11/26/2016
On its own, this fragrance smells like gin poured onto a weathered log. On my skin, this fragrance smells like gin and rainstorms at my aunt's house in North Carolina.
By   - hustler from Los Angeles on 2/2/2012
I recently bought this and absolutely love it. Its very soft scent which dosnt overpower. I think its a real summer scent and has a real fresh uplifting scent. The staying power isnt very good so i bought the large bottle as you do need a fair bit to keep the scent. That is the only complaint all the other issues are excellent. Love the bottle!!!!
By   - from Sydney NSW Australia on 6/28/2011
Upon first whiff, I was tranquilized by this interesting combination of what I smelled to be Ambergris (grey pepper, perhaps?) Unfortunately, the silliage is not optimal, but it's still in my "would purchase a full bottle" collection. Great combination, and the softness of the coriander leaves makes this a very soothing, wearable, constantly-smell-your-wrist fragrance. Great combination.
By   - Parfumeur from Dallas on 4/1/2011
This is a "sleeper" scent. It's easy to take it for granted! It's very easy duty. But if you use it liberally, I use the flacon pour)...it's really a great scent...very relaxing...very fresh, with nice staying power. 5 Stars for me!
By  on 10/27/2010
It is the most peaceful and reflecting scent I know... It is meditative and calm. It is not one of the fragrances I would use several days in a row and yet, it should stay on a shelf among fragrances and silk scarves as well as among vitamins and band-aids. To me it smells like a foggy morning of San Francisco coast, when all the desert plants get a portion of fog dew and smell happily.
By   - from San Francisco on 4/13/2010
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