Goutal Paris

Rose Pompon

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Rose Pompon...
Yaaas! This is like happiness in a very elegant, very pretty bottle! It kind of reminds me of a nice shampoo, but I actually like that about it. I've been wearing this to get me thru dreary winter days, and it really does lift my spirits. I'm not sure if this is worth $150, because it's not incredibly unique, but I like it well enough to justify the price. The juice is nice and the bottle is even better, can't go wrong imo.
By   - College Student from Cleveland on 1/20/2017
Once you get over that it smells nothing like a rose, it’s a sweetish floral with a defined patchouli base. Good for someone that wants a feminine patchouli. I honestly wanted to love it primarily for its bottle, so beautiful. I'm giving it 3 stars because even though it's not my thing, it was a well crafted and refined scent .
By   - Herding Cats from Menlo Park on 7/14/2016
Im not often a fan of rose centric perfumes as I feel they often smell a bit too mature for my tastes. This lovely Goutal creation is a breath of fresh air. I think this might be the first rose perfume I'd actually buy. The rose is soft and realistic, and its balanced with bright fruity notes that summon memories of summertime. The dry down on me almost has a hint of fresh laundry. Very clean, happy, vibrant scent.
By   - Stylist from Denver on 3/31/2016
This is classic Goutal in its complexity and intelligence. This is a most interesting scent...I held my wrist up to my nose six times during the first day I wore it to try and pick out how the notes were playing with each other. Indeed, playful is one of the adjectives I would ascribe to Rose Pompon, but in an adult way. It is very fresh, non-headache inducing, and beautifully orchestrates a wood-berry interlude, with patchouli always lurking about in the background. Bottle worthy.
By   - village idiot from New York on 3/26/2016
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