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Eau de Toilette

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Interesting problem with this one... I like it quite well, but I have to get in so close to smell it that then it makes me a little ill. The fragrance is very nice, but it is so SHY!
By   - writer from Chicago on 2/28/2017
More like a biscotti than a cupcake, more like a veil than a sweater. Light as a cloud, dusted with the faintest hints of cosmetic powder and something herbal, almost animalic. I don't know that this would be anyone's "holy grail vanilla," as it's not really what I would expect out of a vanilla. More of a "my-skin-but-better" type scent that happens to heavily feature vanilla.
By   - Intern from Portland on 1/16/2017
This is one of a few vanilla scents that does not make me smell like a cupcake.
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 12/19/2015
For gourmands, this is incredibly decadent and soft with cream and vanilla with a slightly dry woody note. The almond is present as well, adding another note of warm edible sweetness but nothing syrupy due to the wood.
By  on 8/20/2015
Vanille Exquise is surprisingly fabulous. I would describe it as a mellow, woody-vanilla scent. There is a sweetness to VE, but the sweetness is held in check by the musky-wood. At the end of summer, when the coolness of fall has yet to sink in, the air here has a musky sweetness to it. Vanille Exquise reminds me of this end of summer air. I love it!
By  on 6/29/2015
Ugh, so disappointed. The description and ingredients are far off the experience. My quest for a vanilla/almond scent continues. This is really a patchouli/amber scent, and if you like that kind of thing, you'll love this, but it makes me sneeze. It's just too dark and "dirty" for me. There's nothing wrong with it, but there are a million things that smell just like it, and are a lot less like expensive, like Tocca's Cleopatra. I'm very open to suggestions for a soft vanilla/almond scent. :(
By   - writer from L.A. on 1/14/2014
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