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La Violette

Eau de Toilette

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i fell in love with this smell immediately! it is similar to (Farie by Van Cleef & Arples which i love) so definitely i am ordering this ASAP. this is a blend of violets and rose, so feminine, this is what i want to smell like everyday tbh!
By   - UAE from Abu Dhabi on 1/27/2018
I was on the search for a particular violet scent and I found it with La Violette. Similar to Drole de Rose, this La Violette is a more pronounced, sharper violet and a toned down rose, where as Drole de Rose is a more pronounced rose with a toned down violet. Variations on a theme. La Violette captures the scent of Besame classic red lipstick, early Guerlain meteorites pearls powder, sunlight coming through the bathroom window, and cotton puffs. It's a wonderful modern take on the classic makeup/lipstick smell. The powder smell is not overwhelming at all, and more in the background for support. I absolutely adore La Violette.
By   - Personal Assistant from Harrogate on 4/14/2017
This is my favorite floral.. ever. It's like a perfect candied violet without being cloying or stuffy. Makes me want to eat my skin, but not in a sicky gourmand way. Sweet, airy, light, joyful, and will always remind me of Paris. I don't think there exists a better violet fragrance.
By   - from NYC on 8/4/2011
This is a wonderful violet perfume--it is about the only one I have tried that gets it just right. Some violet scents are too muddled up with other notes so the violet is almost indistinguishable, while some others are so sweet and cloying they can cause a headache, but not this one. This is all about violet; the other notes are just there for support. At the same time, it never gets shrill. Its not too sweet, not too powdery, not too sharp balancing act lasts a reasonably long time as well, even on my scent-eating skin. I am able to detect the scent for a good 4 to 6 hours.
By   - chemist from Texas on 9/25/2010
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