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Eau de Toilette

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I was pretty disappointed. I have been wanting to try some AG perfumes because of their fantastic reviews (and those bottles are so pretty!) and I love the smell of honeysuckle, so I thought this would be a sure thing. Sadly, no. The top is too lemony green and then it just fades right into old lady from there. My husband took one whiff and stated an emphatic no. Guess it's just not a good fit. If you're looking for a pretty honeysuckle scent, I think the perfume by Fresh is really nice.
By   - Teacher from Chicago on 5/8/2016
So pretty... actually, sometimes it's TOO pretty! It's the whole honeysuckle: stem, flower and leaves. It's fresh, green, sweet and floral, all at once, but it is a solifleur, so it is fairly linear, and sadly, it doesn't last. Sillage is fine, but at best, I get three hours from it. Still, though... it's lovely.
By   - from LA on 4/7/2015
Beautiful delicate garden, very green sweetness. Really takes you to a unknown unspoiled garden, but the silage is terrible. This lasted about 10 minutes, completely gone in about an hour, so I can't justify purchasing a bottle.
By   - from Midwest - USA on 9/12/2014
It's that refreshing kind of scent that is everyday worthy but most refreshing scents that are everyday worthy are one in the same. Here's the one that does just that but is more unique than the others. Fresh and awake, perfect for a summer's day.
By   - retired from St. Louis on 6/28/2014
I am not always able to be as girly as I want in my line of occupation, this scent enables me to do so. It's so captivating and unique...it honestly smells like you rolled around in sun warmed prairie grass.
By   - Navy from Norfolk on 2/17/2012
A truly lovely scent. It has a fresh, green honeysuckle scent, but I do have to say that on me what lingers is more of the lemon grain than I want. Still looking for that perfect honeysuckle.
By   - from Montgomey Co PA on 2/24/2011
I have loved the smell of honeysuckle since childhood, when it grew in our garden, & this scent reproduces it beautifully, with a touch of green ( but not too green ) . It's pretty, fresh & perfect for Spring, with good sillage. I'd consider a full bottle if it only lasted longer.
By   - from southampton uk on 4/13/2010
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