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Cherry mixed with detergent, too chemical to enjoy, :(
By   - Accountant  from NY on 3/23/2017
I love it ! gentle fragrance
By   - nurse from Chicago IL on 7/26/2016
I absolutely love this perfume!!! Soft and smells RICH!!!!! lol
By   - nurse from park forest on 7/1/2016
This is a beautiful scent. Fruity, dewy, and fresh. Pear stands out to me. This is a very youthful scent, probably best worn by those under 30, but its youthful in a very sophisticated way. No teeny bopper body spray here, this is a scent a debutante would wear. Its young...but a wealthy and elite sort of young.
By   - Stylist from Denver on 3/29/2016
Backstory: as a young girl, whenever I visited my Grandmother in a coastal town in North Germany, I was always struck by the while roses that climbed high for meters alongside all the roadways and walking paths. Their scent would permeate the air around them and their sweet candied scent would linger on your clothes. For years I have been trying to find a perfume that emulates these wild roses' scent. Petite Cherie is the closest I have ever come, but the difference is purely because of my skin chemistry. This perfume brings back many happy memories for me and I am very grateful to Annick Goutal for creating this scent. I absolutely love it, I only wish it lasted a teensy bit longer. It disappears on my skin within about a half hour sadly. But if you happen to have been in the same boat as me, and are looking for a ripe briar or dog-rose scent, this is it!
By   - Seamstress from Saint Paul on 5/7/2013
I like this perfume but just as the description says it's a youthful scent. It would be great on my lovely daughter. I can smell fresh, ripe juicy fruit. It has just enough of a musky undertone to balance the scent. I would've loved wearing this scent in my 20's.
By   - server from brooklyn on 4/27/2012
Very addicting perfume ! Pears, rose , grass and vanilla- not sweet .it really smells like those notes. Lasting power is not too bad.
By  on 9/10/2011
There is something addicting about this perfume, it starts off sweet like fruit and ends on a rosey/grassy smell. Its light for everyday use. If you are looking for something unique and fresh this is it.
By  on 9/5/2011
Disappointed after taking this parfum on a 2-month trip to Europe... not a single compliment and is barely detectable after 30 minutes regardless of where I spray or how many times.
By   - from NJ on 10/24/2010
This is an exquisite fragrance... always fresh, worthy of compliments and never overpowering. My only complaint is that the scent does not last on my skin, even when I reapply throughout the day. It would be great to layer over scented body lotion... hint hint!
By   - from NJ on 7/15/2010
LOVE IT. I can't get enough!
By  on 4/21/2010
so perfect for spring summer a gentle sweetness a new innocence most women can wear this and will enjoy it
By   - agent from st pete on 3/11/2010
Innocence, unsickenigly sweet n pretty. My all time fave
By   - web editor on 3/11/2010
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