08 - Seylon

Eau de Parfum

08 - Seylon Sizes Available:
100ml $165
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about 08 - Seylon...
Smells amazing! Like strong black tea. Definitely reminds me of Ceylon/Sri Lanka!! Highly recommended. Lasts forever too. Also a bit masculine, so if you hate anything masculine you should probably test it out first.
By   - broker on 5/13/2014
There is a richness and complexity in this fragrance that I absolutely adore. It seems quite masculine to be marketed as unisex, and I don't know if it would translate as well on a woman. I would put the longevity and projection at average, but keep in mind that I dabbed it on little by little from a sample vial. Seemed to make me wanna wear dark- colored clothing because its a "take me seriously--I'm not playing with you" kind of fragrance. Don't sleep on this one fellas.
By   - from tulsa, ok on 1/21/2013
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