10 - Roam

Eau de Parfum

by Odin

10 - Roam Sizes Available:
100ml $165 $140
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about 10 - Roam...
This is my new all-day, everyday scent. It doesn't smell masculine on me - it smells like a soft but complex incense. Love love love.
By   - Graphic Designer from Asheville on 6/8/2016
This is really manly and stays on sexy ,but you must be patient after the dry down the strong incense dissipates and wow.
By   - Law  from NYC on 3/30/2014
This is very lovely scent, a bit fruity and a bit boozy, well blended, on a sweet side, BUT... the longevity and projection is far from good. I get about 45 minutes projection and 3 to 4 hours longevity. After 4 hours I can barely smell it.
By   - from NYC on 3/25/2014
This scent is described as incense driven. I get more tobacco and bourbon with a hint of coconut. It makes for a nice light masculine scent on the sweeter side of things.
By   - Psychologist from Washington DC on 10/27/2013
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