07 Tanoke

Eau de Parfum

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Fresh, woodsy, complex. A walk in a redwood forest at dawn. One of the best fragrances in my collection, and one that I will definitely purchase again when my bottle is gone.
By   - Retired from Greenville, South Carolina on 6/19/2020
Oh, wow. . Incense and spices. But in an outdoor space, as though you just cut Palo Santo wood and incense cedar. I'm guessing this is the smell of a sun-warmed redwood forest. I feel reverence and a gratitude for the moment. Not an edifice, but a natural cathedral.
By   - Writer, gardener from Frankfort on 5/14/2020
Absolutely brilliant, I get compliments every time I put 07 on. Very nicely done.
By   - Engineer from Mountain View on 10/25/2015
Fresh cut wood, redwood, cedarwood, little else. It's not complex and it's not ground-breaking but it smells very nice and it lasts a good 4 hours. I wish it lasted longer and contained some more notes. I hope they make a Tanoke candle soon, I'd love it for my home.
By   - Therapist from NY on 6/2/2012
Think your grandpa's "Grey Flannel" which smells nothing like the description of the scent.
By   - psych from NY on 1/31/2012
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