01 Nomad

Eau de Parfum

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Couldn't wait for it to fade. Remarkable that they were able to craft a fragrance that is simultaneously cloyingly sweet and redolent of cheap gin. Did not evoke spice to me at all; more like a whore's douche.
By   - from New York on 1/28/2013
Love this stuff!
By  on 12/15/2012
First I'd like to say my impressions of this perfume are from a sample. This scent was very hard to smell on my skin. From the vial it smells very faint and lightly sweet. I picked up a strange similarity to Dior Homme. The most significant difference is Odin O1 is toned down. It's not as heavy/ strong as Dior Homme, it smells watered down. Quite honestly it doesn't smell like a niche quality scent. While it is something I would wear, it's overpriced considering the quality.
By   - from Chicago, IL on 9/13/2012
A Godly scent. For the noble spirit
By  on 6/18/2012
Really like this one!
By  on 3/6/2012
Sublime. Wonderful. Spray on Cloths lasts much longer. A delicate and sweet, deep, scent. For gentleman who appreciate the finer things in life and have the depth to understand them
By   - from Paris on 9/27/2011
Can I just say, I'm in love with this fragrance! It came out of nowhere for me at a time when I feared I was getting jaded about perfume (fat chance!). I didn't even order the sample for me, but now I have a full bottle of it and I'm totally smitten! It is warm and tender (I suspect the tonka for that) in a way that few masculines dare to be these days--and without being sweet. It is sort of a demure version of PG's Cadjmere, which can be a tad overwhelming. A total comfort scent, the closest I can think of to hugging oneself!
By   - architect from Philadelphia, PA on 7/13/2010
These are great for office wear as they are definitely not on the strong side. Beautiful fragrance.
By  on 2/9/2010
smells nice..super light almost fades after 30 minutes..does not last..too bad
By  on 2/7/2010
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