Le Labo Rose 31 Signature Detergent
Le Labo Rose 31 Signature Detergent Sizes Available:
16 fl. oz. $45
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I was flabbergasted recently to find out that my colleagues think I have a signature scent, particularly since I've been taking a break from fragrance (yes, I know I'm writing this on a fragrance site) for the last month or two. The only fragranced thing left is this, and I love the sophisticated clean muskiness of it on my clothes and sheets. It does seem just slightly on the feminine side of unisex, which is my favorite type of fragrance. The standard Laundress detergents are great as well.
By   - Art Director from MAPLETON on 4/14/2019
I am in love with all things Le Labo... In the bottle this is Divine. Spilt on your hands its lovely. After the wash, this is no Downy! There is no chemical build-up waxy feeling as you can get if you go crazy with standard fabric softener. The fragrance has a gender neutral feeling as well. I used this on the bed linen as I was afraid it may taint my day wear fragrance. The sheets have a subtle and inviting fragrance along with a fresh feel. This is night one... I'll have to get back on how long this fragrance lasts. As Le Labo lovers knows, many if not all of their fragrances leave quite a calling card in ones laundry bin. A blessing when one thinks of the other smells one can encounter! :)
By   - Military/Graphic Design from Seattle on 4/12/2009
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