Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561

Talc Gourmand

Eau de Parfum

100ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Talc Gourmand...
I agree with the review that it is light, baby soft fresh. I do get a chocolate and honey note...but it's very light and keeps it from being strictly baby powder. I actually adore this scent. It's pretty and light and I feel like it gets better with dry down...powdery (but not old lady-ish powder) and sweet and dreamy. Love love love.
By   - Administration from Boston, MA on 10/27/2020
To my untrained nose, at first this smells strongly anise-like, with talcum powder mixed in. None of the other sweet notes are detectable initially, which was disappointing, as I was hoping they would be more salient throughout. The fragrance does become lovelier as it wears down, because at that point hints of chocolate and caramel do emerge, and eventually even the vanilla makes a shy appearance. Not a winner for me, as I dislike anise, but it still is a lovely fragrance that becomes gentler over time.
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 12/3/2019
Simply baby soft and perfect on me. I get compliments every time I wear it! Sometimes baby clean is all you need.
By   - Program Manager from Washington, DC on 7/15/2013
It is a divine experience, sensual and yet like reminiscent of classic emotions, traditional values: we are not by the wilder sides of an Angel, or not even by a powdery like in some of those old fashioned rare emotional fragrances. Here there's something so unusual, and, particular, only a great personality could pull off, because it will be radiant if you are luminous, and sexy if you are just open minded: there's an ethnic and sensual fusion, an exquisite aroma, i love powdery sweet smells, and, my signature is Mazzolari Alessandro, other masterpiece! This is so soave, so benigne, so elegant and insightful, a dream of powder with many different, shifting candied notes, of other heavenly pleasures. Only if you are an angel, maybe.. Well, i may be one...
By   - Artist from Beverly Hills, CA on 5/10/2013
My overall impression of this scent is that it is powdery with a touch of something mildly sweet, almost like a scented baby powder. I think I can smell the honey note in there mixed with the talcum powder and touches of the heliotrope. On my skin, I can't make out the vanilla/ vanilla flower/ chocolate/ nor the caramel. It's weird because at the same time I like this and I don't. It's comforting and warm but bordering on too powdery. Worth a try but personally I think I will pass. It has potential though.
By   - from puerto rico on 4/26/2013
All I got from this was talc. I waited patiently for the dry down to reveal all of the other wonderful scents, but they never appeared!
By   - Grad Student from Marion, IA on 4/18/2013
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